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How to Pick the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash


HGTV Jasmine Roth on how to choose the perfect kitchen backsplash

Picking the perfect kitchen backsplash for your kitchen can feel like a deep sea of options. Choosing any kitchen material really, can be a pretty overwhelming process.  Subway tile or self-splash?  Colored tile or white tile?  Where to buy all this stuff?!  Calm down, people!  I’ve got you covered.

My team has installed hundreds of kitchen backsplashes over the years, and we’ve seen styles and color combinations that run the gamut.  So my Built Custom Homes team created this Q&A for me to lay out some of the main factors in making a decision that’s right for your kitchen.  I hope these secrets I’m sharing about picking the perfect kitchen backsplash takes a little bit of the stress out of your decision!

(And psst! If you missed my post on picking the best hardware for your cabinets and drawers, I listed my 4 fave places to shop.)

How To Choose The Perfect Kitchen Backsplash

1. When picking a kitchen backsplash, do you think a backsplash that’s super contrasting to the kitchen’s design (cabinet color, countertop color, etc.) will create the best look?  Or is super cohesive the way to go (picking up more tones throughout the overall design)?  What’s your go-to?

For the kitchen backsplash, I usually choose it after determining the direction for the countertops and cabinets.  If someone wants green cabinets and knows they want marble (or marble-look) countertops, it’s easy to know that a busy backsplash isn’t the right choice.  However, if my client has their heart set on white shaker cabinets and dark gray countertops, I know I have an opportunity to add a little something special with the backsplash.  There are literally hundreds of thousands of options for backsplashes, and no right or wrong decisions – it really just comes down to personal preference.  My suggestion is simple: find a photo of a kitchen you like and make your kitchen look similar.  It’s that easy!

2. How do you decide what material will work best in your kitchen?

The best way to determine what material will work best in your kitchen is to take a hard look at how you live.  Are you messy?  (Do you cook bacon with grease everywhere?  Does your tomato sauce bubble and splatter everywhere?  Do you wipe EVERYTHING on the regular or is it okay for your kitchen to be a little “lived in”?)  If you’re messy, try your best to eliminate anything porous or anything with white grout.  On the other hand, if you’re a neat freak and aren’t letting other (messy) people use your kitchen, maybe you can be a bit more daring.  Consider a grouted marble mosaic with white grout (all porous) for your backsplash, or even a – gasp! – wallpaper!

HGTV Jasmine Roth on how to update your kitchen

3. Large format tiles or mosaic – is one better than the other?  Is one headed out of style?

It’s impossible to say if large format tile or mosaic tile is better – it totally depends on the house.  I’ve used all of it over the years, from tiny little tile, to handcrafted tile, to medium size subway tile – you name it!  I don’t think large format or small mosaic is headed out of style, but what I see right now is a lot of people running the countertop material up on the backsplash.  It’s a really clean way to finish the kitchen.

HGTV Jasmine Roth on how to update your kitchen with backsplash

4. Favorite places to buy backsplash tile?

5. Top 3 favorite backsplash materials?

1. Running slab up the wall or “self splash” – easy, simple, timeless!
2. Subway tile
3. Handcrafted tile

Jasmine Roth Hidden Potential Kitchen remodel

If you had to pick one backsplash material that will always feel timeless, what would you pick?

Subway tile, because there are so many options!  White tile with white grout, white tile with gray grout, handcrafted tile, stacking running bond or soldier stack.  Even down to the option of installing them vertically instead of horizontally.  Oh, and don’t forget machined vs handcrafted.  Machined is really slick and perfect, handcrafted looks like it’s, well… handcrafted!

Biggest mistake you see people make when installing backsplash?

Honestly, DIY.  I think a backsplash is something that most people feel confident taking on, but it can really look terrible if it’s not installed correctly.  Usually it’s not the actual tile installation since so many backsplash tiles come in easy-to-install sheets, but rather the unfinished edges, trying to figure out where to start and stop the material, lack of under-cabinet lighting, and not using a level.


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  1. Tieanna Locklear Jacobs

    Good morning! I want to redo our kitchen and I want white shaker Cabinets with some color for my back splash what do you think would look good with the white shaker cabinets? I am not a messy person in the kitchen but our kitchen is lived in. What kind of countertop are easy to clean but also look like their marble but not cost a fortune and will not stain? We want a little color on our backs plash and our kitchen island what do you suggest?

  2. Colleen L Smith

    I LOVE the blue variated subway tile used on the 1st and second pic of this website. Also saw it on a recap of the 2nd house down on Season 3, Episode 8. I want it, but cannot find it. Can someone please tell me where I can buy it?

  3. Barbara Barth

    Selected the aribesque tiles a love for more details. The link took me to Home Depot. HD says item is discontinued. May need to update your links


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