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How To Make a DIY Geometric Wallpaper with Gold Sharpie


There’s a DIY wallpaper project I did in Episode 2 of Help! I Wrecked My House Season 1, and you guys have been asking me for the instructions pretty much daily since the day that episode aired!  Well, the day is finally here – I’m sharing the how-to!  If you’ve ever wanted to draw on your walls (because I’m sure we all felt that way once as kids), you’re going to LOVE this DIY wallpaper project.

There are some really gorgeous geometric, metallic wallpapers out there on the market, but they can seriously break the bank.  The super cool thing about this project is that it involves you drawing on your wall with a metallic Sharpie paint pen to create the geometric pattern.  I’d say a paint pen costs a lot less than a whole wall’s worth of wallpaper!  When I did this project for Jess and Rich’s nursery, I followed this DIY from start to finish.  With a little bit of patience, some measuring, and a lot of line connecting, you can totally pull this off at home too!  The end result is so beautiful and truly looks just like an expensive wallpaper!

How-To: DIY Geometric Wallpaper from Help! I Wrecked My House

What You’ll Need:


Step 1:

Read this blog post thoroughly!  This is the exact tutorial I followed to a tee.

Step 2:

Use your straight edge and pencil to lightly draw horizontal level lines, 10 inches apart, on your wall.

Oh, and you’re probably going to need something to stand on to do this project!

Step 3:

Mark your diamonds where they’re going to be on each line (again, follow this blog post) and do this for the whole wall space you’re creating the wallpaper on. Once they’re all marked, you can start connecting the larger diamonds.

Step 4:

Following the tutorial, you’ll measure and make marks within your larger diamonds and start connecting them while using your straight edge.

Step 5:

Just keep measuring and connecting with your straight edge and your paint pen until you’re done!  It’s a bunch of lines to connect, but the end result is STUNNING.  It looks just like a pretty geometric wallpaper but way, way, WAY cheaper!  Happy measuring!

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  1. Trish

    Thanks for sharing all the details! I love the wall and was wondering how I could do it. You make it sound easy… We’ll see if I have the stamina!

  2. Julie Bensinger

    Thank you so very much! I have tried to “steal” so many of your ideas;) We are going to do the diamond wall and try to make your yellow hexagon wall shelves, too! You have the best ideas!!

  3. Dinah

    I don’t see this mentioned here or in the VR tutorial, so is it safe to assume (!) that the finish and type of background wall paint doesn’t matter as far as the paint marker going on smoothly?


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