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How To: DIY Painted Waves Wall Mural


watercolour wall mural living room

Some of the coolest projects we’ve done on Hidden Potential are actually so easy to do – you just need to be ready to make a change and really go for it!  On Season 2, Episode 5 “From Beige to Beautiful,” my good friend Kim Frost of Ripe Designs helped me create this awesome Painted Waves Wall Mural for the homeowners.  The home’s design leans Scandinavian with lots of neutral tones throughout, so this mural was the perfect way to infuse the space with some movement and color.  It’s totally custom, totally cool and feels really fresh and modern.

Wall mural living room design

You’re probably looking at this wall thinking, “No way, Jas!  I can’t pull that off.”  But it’s seriously SO easy.  I know you can do it.  To help you figure out the concept before you get started, I included this clip from the episode below that shows Kim and me painting the wall.  You really can’t mess this up, I promise.  If you’re having fun with it, it will come out great!

How-To: DIY Painted Waves Wall Mural

What You’ll Need:

DIY Watercolor wall mural

Step 1:

Tape off the edges of your wall with painters tape so the mural doesn’t bleed over onto your other walls.  Lay your drop cloth down right at the edge of your wall on the floor so you don’t drip paint everywhere and make a mess.

Step 2:

Dilute the paint.  Take some of your paint and pour it into a container.  Dilute the paint with water until the liquid is thin and resembles the same consistency as water.  Mix well.

Step 3:

Wet your entire wall with a spray bottle filled with water.  The wall should be shiny from the moisture, but not dripping wet.

do it yourself Watercolor wall mural painting

Step 4:

Dip your painting mitt into your diluted paint.  Start swirling your mitt around on the wall to create a wave-like effect.  We made our mural fade from dark to light across the wall to really drive home the wave effect.  This can be achieved by swirling more coats on one side of the wall, using a heavier hand with the paint mixture, and using less and less paint as you cross the wall.  This will give it an ombre look.  You can recreate the same look we did, or try your own pattern!  Have fun with it!

Shop Supplies

Gloves // Drop Cloth // Painters Tape // Paint Container // Painting Mitt // Spray Bottle

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Watercolor wall mural



  1. Brittany Barsony

    Hi! Would this method work on a textured wall or should we put drywall up for the wall that we would like to create this accent on?

    • Jasmine

      A non-textured wall would be ideal, but due to the swirling nature of this DIY I think it would still turn out great on a textured wall!

  2. Brittany Barsony

    Thank you!

  3. Linda

    I was asked to paint a watercolor wave mural – I have the mitts, I have the paint. Did you start from the top and work down? How much of the wall did you spray while working? Was the mitt also wet/ damp?

  4. Jillian

    Inspired by you, we did this behind the headboard in our guest bedroom. We call it the beach room and it came out sick!

    Word of advice though, we overestimated the paint to water ratio. We didn’t even need half of a behr sample paint.

    After we did the first pass, it was light on the edges but we couldn’t get it more saturated in color so we started applying paint (not diluted) directly to the wall and then coming over it with the mit which was already wet. It worked well. Didn’t dip after the first dip, not even once!

    Just wanted to leave my experience in case it helps someone else!!! Funn project. Just keep going to you get what you like, don’t get discouraged!

    • Kay

      I would love to see your version of it. I’m think of attempting this for our nursery. Did you let the coats of paint dry when layering to create a darker effect in some areas?


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