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How-To: DIY House Number Out of Plywood


DIY House Number by Jasmine Roth on Hidden Potential and Built Custom Homes

One of the most popular photos out of all of the projects I’ve done on both seasons of Hidden Potential is this beautiful photo (above) of my DIY house number. That’s right – you guys really love house numbers, I guess!  And so many fans and readers of my blog will ask me, “hey, where’d you get those house numbers? Where can I buy them?” Here’s the thing: you can’t buy them anywhere because I made them! But… I can tell you how to make them yourself!

HGTV Jasmine Roth on Hidden Potential and Built Custom Homes

Okay, before I get into that, let me set the scene. It was the day before the big reveal – you know, when the homeowner gets to see how we remodeled their house – and we were shooting and working on the California Cape Cod from Season 1, Episode 12. I got the idea for these numbers while driving home from working on the house. I was thinking the house needed just one more thing before I gave it back to the homeowners the next day.

So I popped into the Home Depot near me and grabbed some simple modern house numbers, knowing I had some plywood in my scrap wood pile at home that I could work with (yes, I have a scrap wood pile at home, doesn’t everyone?!). I stayed up late that night working in my garage and put together this quick house number project, and voila!

And by the way, if you ask my team and friends and family, I tend to get a lot of my “ah-ha!” ideas late at night!  Anyway, I typed up the steps I took to make this so you can make one for your own house!

HGTV Jasmine Roth on Hidden Potential and Built Custom Homes; DIY House Number

How-To: DIY House Number

What You’ll Need:

HGTV Jasmine Roth's DIY House Number out of Plywood

Step 1:

For my first step, I found a piece of wood that fit the house numbers I had purchased.

Step 2:

Lightly sand the wood to make the edges and corners less sharp.

Step 3:

Dry brush (meaning dip brush in and dab on a paper plate before applying to the wood) some KILZ primer onto the piece of wood.  This should be thick, but it doesn’t need to cover all the wood.  Let dry.

Step 4:

Apply wood stain with a rag on the entire wood board.  The exposed wood parts without primer will soak up the stain, and the primer parts will get darker and “dirtier” looking.  Wipe off excess stain.  Let dry.

Step 5:

Install house numbers onto the plywood per the manufacturer’s instructions.  I needed to use a drill and a rubber mallet.

Step 6:

Hang your new plywood house number sign on your house. Enjoy!

I got so excited about these numbers when I started to see the project come together, I had to snap a pic on my phone!  And the rest is HGTV history!

Exterior paint color from Hidden Potential with Jasmine Roth

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  1. Lisa Noel

    Thank you so much for the tutorial. We’re getting ready to repaint our house and I love the clean lines of this project.

  2. Duarte

    I love it

  3. Jeannette

    Your ideas are brilliant and your instructions are so easy to follow. Thank you


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