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How to Create the Ultimate Dog Space in Your Home


HGTV Jasmine Roth creates the ultimate dog space; Jasmine's dog Tiger

Whenever I’m designing a home for a family with dogs, I always love to build them an ultimate dog space! And ever since I started renting out the #11thStreetRetreat on airbnb, I’ve been so excited thinking about the renters who will get to see all the cool, custom things we did to our OWN house! There’s really SO MANY unique or hidden features, but I wanted to start with my dog Tiger’s fave part of the house: The dog cave!

HGTV Jasmine Roth creates the ultimate dog space; kitchen with dog cave underneath the staircase


Rope Toy // Faux Sheepskin // Dog Wallpaper

How To Build The Ultimate Dog Space

If you have an under-the-stairs space like this in your home that’s being underutilized, that’s the BEST place to add a custom feature like a dog cave. If you have a bit of a budget, creating an ultimate dog space like this one is a pretty straight-forward ask for a contractor. If you’re SUPER handy and experienced in construction you could probably do this yourself. But I’d recommend hiring a pro to do this project. We were also able to carve a little desk area into the under-the-stairs space, which makes this an awesome two-for-one of functionality! SCORE!

HGTV Jasmine Roth creates the ultimate dog space; dog cave underneath the staircase

Create the Look

 Dog Wallpaper // Bat Wall Decals // Gold Mirrors // Floor Cushion

There have been so many iterations of Tiger’s ultimate dog space over the years – even a super fun, spooky bat version! Dogs like Halloween too, right?!

HGTV Jasmine Roth how to build a dog cave underneath the staircase

Create the Look

Picture Frame // Deep Black Paint // Boho Floor Cushion // Dog Bones

And if you have a countertop space nearby your cool new dog cave, you can display necessities for your pup -don’t forget the treats!

Create the Look

Glass Canister // Dog Bone Chews // Vintage Dog Tin // Glass Canister Set of 4 

If you’re not able to cut into your walls to make a cave for your dog – not to worry! You can still make your pup feel extra special by pampering them with some really cool gear. Sometimes a new dog bed makes all the difference!

Shop My Favorite Dog Beds

Simply click on a square below to see more about any product!

HGTV Jasmine Roth how to build the ultimate dog space for your dog



  1. Marcia Palmer

    Hi, I’m from Huntington Beach and graduated in 1963. I lived on Salem Circe off of Warner and then on Huntington St. after I got married. I’m up in Washington now and my husband died a year ago after almost 54 years of marriage. So, now I’m living in a make-over garage that was never completed and right now there are lots of bugs and spiders coming in. There’s a gap between the wall and molding so I have been trying to put caulking where the gap is. I’m having an awful time of it but I don’t know what else to do. Do you have any suggestions? I sometimes have put vasoline there because I read it would last up to a year. I wished that you could redo this place but I don’t own it , it’s just what I can afford right now. Thank you and I love it that you’re in Huntington Beach. Really enjoy your show and wish I were there. Love watching the beach on the cam. Marcia Palmer

  2. Adriana

    Me encanto esta idea de casita para los perros, una buena forma de utilizar los espacios dificiles.
    Y ME ENCANTA TU BEBE. Es Hermoso…
    Te sigo siempre y me enloquece tus decoraciones y reformas.
    Desde Argentina
    Saludos Adriana

    I loved this idea of a house for dogs, a good way to use difficult spaces.
    AND I LOVE YOUR BABY. Its beautiful…
    I always follow you and your decorations and renovations drive me crazy.
    From Argentina
    Greetings Adriana

  3. Meg

    This dog cave is just a very cool idea! Thank you for sharing these super photos and sources with your readers.


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