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Holiday Gift Guide: Me, Myself, and I Edition

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Dear Santa,

I can see from my tracking number that you received the list I sent last month. However, a few new things have come to my attention and I would like to add them as an addendum to the aforementioned list, as pages 79A-80A, just prior to the start of Section 3F: Getting to Know Me. Also, if you’d like to follow me on social media in lew of starring in the 2019 holiday special I pitched in Section 4D of my letter, you can find me at @jasminerothofficial. P.S. I know @brettrothofficial is resembling a yeti as of late, but really, underneath all that hair, he’s not so bad.

1. Headphones: You know I can’t turn down really cool GEAR. These are customizable AND wireless. I’m SO in! I’d like a matte white and rose gold pair, please. $399.00

2. Tea: Best. Tea. Ever. $26.16

3. Audible Membership: A great way to sneak in books from my ever growing Reading List. $69.99

4, 7, 8 & 10. All The Pillows!! (Fiddle Pillow $89, Tecate Pillow $79, Starfish Pillow $72, Foxdale Pillow $109): I redo the pillows on my couch every season. Why? Because it makes me happy.

5. Kicks: Can’t ever have too many. $70.00

6. Sweatshirt: @pjandthomas are fellow home-smiths and they make these Y’ALL sweatshirt’s that are near and dear to my West Virginian heart. $37.00

9. Functional Art: With one of these @barryvsurfboards custom boards, I would start each day surfing, then hang it by my front door for decoration. Actually, probably not the first part about surfing. Just the last part about hanging it by my front door.

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  1. Layza Curbelo

    I would like suggestions for a small coffee station in a small kitchen area. I like Jasmine style a lot & the surprises little places she make. I live in a small house in Puerto Rico (Caribbean) . I always watch the show Hidden Potential


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