I’m Jasmine Roth, founder of Built Custom Homes, curator of my online retail store The Shop by Jasmine Roth, and host of HGTV’s hit shows Hidden Potential and HELP! I Wrecked My House. I was also on HGTV’s Season 1 of Rock the Block, but I won’t spoil the winner for you 😉 Building custom homes is my bread and butter and I love finding ways to make homes as personal, functional and beautiful as possible. Whether I’m exploring my TV projects, or sharing secret pro tips for everything from design to entertaining and cooking, I’m here to help you build Your Happy Home. Let’s build something together!



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Hidden Potential: Season 2 FAQ


Q: When can I watch?

A: Monday nights, at 9:00 PM (8:00 PM Central) starting June 3.

Q: What is new this season?

A: Well, aside from everything being bigger and better than ever before, the format is also different. HGTV will be airing BACK-TO-BACK episodes of Hidden Potential on Mondays at 9PM, so viewers will get a whole hour of the show.

Q: I love how you always have a design hashtag for each episode. What are some of the design style hashtags I can expect to see this season?


Q: Do you have a favorite home so far?

A: You know I can’t play favorites! They’re ALL awesome!

Q: Was it hard to design SEVENTEEN different houses?

A: No, and here’s why: each design is customized for the homeowners’ individual lifestyles and tastes. Every person we work with is so unique, which makes it easy to come up with really unique, tailored designs for each home.

Q: Do the homeowners pay for the renovations?

A: Yes, they do.

Q: Will your husband, Brett, be on the show this year?

A: Everybody loves Brett! (I get it, obviously. I love him, too.) He’ll be making a few cameo appearances this season, for sure.

Q: What about Nala and Tiger?

A: Yes, the real stars of the show, our sweet old bulldog and feisty chihuahua. Of course they’ll have to make a few surprise appearances. I like sharing little pieces of my home life with viewers; it just makes everything seem a little more real and personal. I have a husband, I have dogs, I have a chaotic schedule and a sometimes messy house and a busy job just like so many others. #rothfamilystory

Q: Season 3?

A: Whoa, whoa, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Are you trying to give me a panic attack?!

Q: If I don’t have cable, how can I watch the show?

A: You can watch every episode of Season Two Hidden Potential on the HGTV App. Also, you can watch all of Season One on iTunes HERE and on Amazon HERE.

Q: I love your designs; where can I see more of your work?

Well, I’m so glad you asked. I have a few other projects coming up on HGTV in addition to Season 2 of Hidden Potential. Check out the links below to follow along.

A Very Brady Renovation

Rock the Block

Also, you can follow my property development company, Built Custom Homes, where we are constantly churning out fun new projects for clients near and far.


  1. Nick

    Hi Jasmine.
    I just saw Season 2, Episode 7, “Beige to Beautiful” of Hidden Potential.

    I LOVE the mailbox. I was going to try and tackle building that myself.
    Where did you get the black mailbox from???
    Mail is dropped in the front slot and then opened in the back. I can’t seem to find mailboxes online that are like that.

    I love all your episodes BTW… not just that one!

    • The Blog by JR

      Hi Nick,

      Thank you for your support in watching our show!! The exact mailbox is no longer available, but try this one: Rear-Locking Mailbox, OR google Rear Locking Mailbox and some great ones come up. Good luck with your project. We’d love to see a photo once you’re all done!

  2. Debra

    Jasmine, I am in love with you and your show! You are so full of excitement, energy and fantastic design ideas! You are so fun to watch! We are remodeling our kitchen and I fell in love with the kitchen backsplash tile you used in episode 10 “It’s my dream home now”. I have been trying to find that tile online for several weeks now. I have not been able to find it. Could you please let me know where I can purchase that tile? Thank you in advance…

  3. James Hunter

    Let’s get season 3 underway!

    • Jasmine

      Aww! Thank you for the kind compliment! I am so glad you love the show!

  4. Erin

    Hi Jasmine – we love what you do! What is the name of the patio stone epoxy you used in S2, E8? We want to try something similar ourselves.


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