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HGTV Secrets Revealed! Why TVs Are Never Shown


Jasmine Roth Reveals HGTV Secrets

You guys LOVED the HGTV Secrets I’ve been exposing, like why books are always backwards. So today, I’ve got another one. But first, let’s paint the picture:

So, you’re sitting there, watching your fave HGTV show (Hidden Potential, of course!), and the camera is panning around the house in the big reveal. And suddenly you think to yourself, “WAIT A MINUTE… WHERE’S THE TV?!” Guys, don’t worry.  We’re not leaving these people without a TV.

So What’s the HGTV Secret?

There are just some facts you have to face about TVs when it comes to making a TV show.  And here’s it is: they look like huge black squares on TV. Sounds kinda funny, right? TVs, when shown on TV, look terrible! So, in the design process we talk to our clients/homeowners about where they’d like their TVs placed in their homes, and then we start our whole renovation process.  Then we wire for TVs, but instead of installing them for the big camera reveal, we hang artwork over the hookups instead.

HGTV Secrets from Jasmine Roth

Maybe next time you see an HGTV reveal with a cool piece of artwork hung above a fireplace, or anywhere else that would make sense to mount a TV, you’ll think to yourself, “Hey! I bet that’s where the homeowner put their TV after production wrapped.” Welcome to the HGTV Secrets Club.

HGTV Secrets from Jasmine Roth

However, in this home project above, it was a bit of a rarity because this room was actually focused on the homeowner being able to watch a lot of things on TV at once. But as you can see in this photo, you can spot people from my crew in the reflection of the screen! That would happen a lot more often if we put TVs in all our reveals. Especially huge TVs like this one!

And I must say, looking at these spaces with art instead of a TV definitely inspires me to find better ways to disguise my own TVs in real life. Because while a lot of us probably use our TVs often (we definitely do in my house!), when mine isn’t on, I’d rather it not be so obvious.

So, I have a few ideas for you to copy the HGTV Secrets and disguise or minimize the appearance of your TV so it is more seamless with your design.

1. Mount Your TV Within a Gallery Wall

Pick the wall where you intend to mount your TV, hook it up, and then hang a gallery of artwork around it. That way when your TV is off, it will blend in nicely since it will be hanging on a wall amidst other things. Get creative and hang all kinds of things, like woven wall hangings!

2. Recess Your TV in the Wall & Hang Art Over It

If you’re working with a carpenter or contractor, pick the wall space where you want to hang your TV and have them notch a space into the wall where the TV will fit flush with the wall. Then you can hang art over the TV when it’s not in use. No one would ever know it’s there!

3. Buy a Frame TV

This isn’t an ad, I just think the Samsung Frame TV is really cool! It has different settings to choose from so you can make it look like a cool piece of art when it’s not in use. I’ve linked to it and other ways to disguise your TV below!

Shop Different Ways to Disguise Your TV

Simply click on any square below to see more about each product!

Do you guys want more HGTV Secrets Revealed!! Maybe I have a few more up my sleeve. Let me know what you guys think!


  1. Emie

    Yes, please to more secrets!!!

  2. Darren

    Jasmine! WOW always wondered this but it all makes sense now. We hope you’re enjoying family time and thank you for still blogging. Can’t wait to have you out there building again!! Maybe we can be a lucky client? Thanks for the inspo!

  3. Sandi

    I framed my big screen TV that sits above my fireplace. It has made a tremendous difference in the look. I don’t have a Samsung frame TV but do have a Smart TV. I put mine in a “picture mode” and lovely photos from around the world cycle through, making it artwork.

  4. Stefani Paul

    Samsung Frame TV? Super cool!

    Although in my mind’s eye, I see Ben or you building a mechanism where a piece of art slides to the side or top of a recessed TV. Both of you are known for your creativity that way.

  5. Emily cedarleaf

    answers alot of questions. thank you

  6. Tweela Collier

    Yes!! Tell us everything and keep those photos of Hazel coming!! She’s so beautiful!

  7. Sue

    Great your show !!!

  8. Jeannie

    Yes! More secrets revealed please!

  9. Kim Carroll

    So finally! I can quit asking myself, how come no tv? It’s a tv show… don’t you want people to watch your show? LOL As a photographer doing still work myself, totally makes sense!

  10. Brooklyn

    Yes! More secrets please!! Thanks for all the tips!

  11. Rich

    I like your designs. As far as TV’s goes Its a lovely thought for HGTV but it makes everyone wonder personally aggravates me. I’d think instead of avoiding showing the TV you could show people ways of making it fit into the house. that would be realistic and I believe it’s a Missed opportunity. just saying. It reminds me whenever I see a person say please no pink or orange n the designers do it spaces was the worst at that..its ok to stretch tastes but u need to listen to the people too.i find it funny as well that you strive for TV rating but then slight the TV watchers n makers….


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