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HGTV Secret Revealed! The Most Difficult Part About Making My New Show


Jasmine Roth HGTV Secret while filing Help! I Wrecked My House while pregnant; Jasmine talking to the cameraman

So I know you guys love every time I drop a new HGTV Secret on you, and today I’ve got one about my new show! Well, the running joke while filming the new show Help! I Wrecked My House was, “Hey Jas, not sure but I think you might be pregnant.” Ha! This joke was funny because you guys, I wasn’t just a little pregnant while filming this show, I was SUPER PREGNANT. I was 7-8.5 months preggo and let’s be honest, especially in my line of work, it wasn’t something that could be ignored.

Living room couch on HGTV show Help! I Wrecked My House; blue couch with white flowers and large plant for decoration

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What’s the HGTV Secret?

When thinking back about making this show, BEING PREGNANT WAS THE HARDEST PART! But it wasn’t all bad…

Jasmine Roth HGTV Secret while filing Help! I Wrecked My House while pregnant; Jasmine with pregnant belly posing with construction tools

There were some obvious challenges, like not being able to be around paint, dust (try knocking down a wall without making any dust ?), fumes, and of course anything that might hit my bump. But there was also a BIG underlying hurdle – women that are calm and not stressed during pregnancy have calm and unstressed babies.

Of course I didn’t want to have a baby that was stressed and anxiety ridden from day 1, so it was important for me to keep my zen while being preggo. If any of you have remodeled a house, you know it’s almost impossible not to be a little stressed.  Factor in a TV timeline (usually 6 weeks) and a film crew, and it’s a recipe for STRESSFEST 2020. ?

HGTV show Help! I Wrecked My House episode 2; new baby nursery with baby closet decorated with baskets and blue wave wallpaper

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Soooooo, I took on smaller renovation projects, relied on my team like I’ve never done before, and left the heavy lifting to the demo crews. Easier said than done, you guys! I had to take a step back and it was good for me, but really hard to give up control. Thank goodness I did though, because I was flirting with pre-term labor. My doctor was really close to putting me on bedrest and that wouldn’t have been good. My team even bought me a custom chair so I would be comfortable and wouldn’t walk around as much. They’re the BEST!

So yeah, I sat on my butt and worked extra hard on the things I could focus on. The design, the functionality of floor plans, the special things that make a house feel really personal. For those that are watching the show, you already know I really couldn’t totally stay away, but at least I tried!

Outdoor backyard from new HGTV show Help! I Wrecked My House; outdoor living space with sitting area under pergola

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Do you think you’d be able to film a TV show while super pregnant?! Let me know in the comments! After all that work on my feet, I was ready to take a well-deserved nap under that beautiful gazebo!


  1. Duarte

    I’m a gay man so I don’t know the struggles of being pregnant, but I bet it’s extremely difficult! You’re my favorite designer! Kudos to you being able to keep the stress manageable and continuing to work during your pregnancy!

    • Jasmine

      Thank you so much for the kind words, means a lot to me! 🙂

  2. Robin

    I think honestly…..all jobs are difficult when you are pregnant. Its alot for us women. I myself, am a mail carrier….i had 4 pregnancies and delivered the mail. It was so difficult. I look back now and have no idea how I did it. I give you and all women credit. We are strong. We are moms?

    • Jasmine

      Wow you’re a ROCKSTAR! Thank you for sharing, Robin <3

    • Marie-France Lachapelle

      The fact that you did not get preventative leave is a crime .
      You also did not get more than 6 weeks of paid maternity leave.
      Probably had zero weeks .
      Only rich country with no guaranteed paid maternity leave.
      Women in Quebec get 50 weeks .Just saying ladies who need to organize and rebel against your geriatric patriarchy.

  3. Mac

    Women are strong!!!

  4. Amy

    Depending on the TV show maybe, but it wouldn’t have been done as well as you! The hardest part of being pregnant is not pushing yourself too far. I was constantly frustrated at getting tired so easily and not being able to do the same things I could do when I wasn’t pregnant.

  5. Tammy

    You are a do-er so I bet that was hard to take a step back. But you did the right thing for your beautiful baby!! I absolutely love your shows and your work! If you’d love to spend some time in beautiful Murrieta/Temecula CA, I’d love for you to re-design my living room/kitchen!! Love your style!!

  6. Lynda

    I have 4 kids and I’m a registered nurse. I remember during one of my pregnancies I had to give an injection to a child and he kicked me in my abdomen. I tried to stay calm but inside I was freaked cuz I had had a miscarriage the pregnancy prior. Long time ago now and that baby is turning 30 in 2 months! Love your shows Jasmine

  7. Janet

    I was so moved from your last episode that I cried during the opening and especially during the reveal. I could feel the stress of one pregnant mama and the compassion from another pregnant mama who would do whatever it took to make it right. It was beautiful. You created a beautiful and safe home for this family! I am a nurse and worked 12 hour night shifts. I worked right up until my last 2 daughters were born. Worked all night as a labor and delivery nurse, went home to nap and get my things and came back in a few hours to deliver my baby!

  8. Nic

    You know those tv shows where they try to hide that one of the cast members is pregnant? Strategically placed bags or coats or furniture so that the audience can’t tell, but it’s always so obvious. Lol. What if you guys had tried that? Anyway. Congrats. Always love your shows.

  9. Sarah

    I love your honesty, especially on twitter, about pregnancy and mom life. As a mom of 3 who struggles daily at least I can remember, “hey it wasn’t a walk in the park for Jasmine Roth either,” lol!

  10. Kris

    Always difficult to figure the logistics of being pregnant & working but love to see a pregnant builder/designer on TV! Women are strong & multitaskers even though sometimes we look back & can’t believe how we did it all! I’m a residential appraiser & hid my 2nd pregnancy until the 6th month due to being pregnant during the bubble & we were crazy busy.

  11. Terri

    I love the new show and commend you for doing what you do up until you no longer can. The last episode was so touching. You and the homeowner had me in tears a few times. Keep doing what you do! I’m a big fan!

  12. I love your enthusiasm your work your love for your family and that adorable new little girl?

    I love your enthusiasm your work your love for your family and that adorable new little girl

  13. Julie

    Yeah I was preganant 6 times and my first one I was working as a firefighter and was trying to hide it. That was not an easy thing to do. My capt saw me getting slower and slower and put the pieces together. Instead of him saying something he invited me for dinner and had his wife talk to me telling me it was ok to take the time and let the baby grow as it should. It was really hard bc the baby daddy and I were on and off so pretty much everything was riding on me. But my capt being the best man, father and mentor created a position where I didn’t have to do the heavy work and go and investigate the cause of the fires. Till this day I worked in some sort of capacity but know when I got to big it was time to take a back seat. So I understand you completly.

  14. Tina DeVoe

    Jasmine, you ROCK! You’re a great designer and I love it when you make hidden secret compartments, storage and even hidden rooms! Doing it all while you’re pregnant, definitely a challenge! I was pregnant with my 4th child at age 45, she just turned 7, and my oldest turned 28. Never a dull moment for sure! Hazel is such a little sweetie, and you’re a great mommy!

  15. Jen Green

    I worked for as a manager for a large retailer in the mall while pregnant with my first. It was a challenge but nice to keep moving and to continue to be involved with something I loved. Turns out, I went into labor but didn’t really realize it. It was mother’s day weekend so I felt very obligated to go to work. So I was walking around helping customers having contractions! Got home around 530, got to the hospital around 830 and baby was born at Midnight! I wasn’t trying to be a super woman, but I totally understand wanting to keep up with the things you normally do while pregnant. Filming a show would probably be much harder!

  16. Ceci

    I watched all episodes like binge-watching. I salute you for doing a great job and surely it’s hard especially being pregnant. You scared me at times, like … I feel like “oh! Be careful don’t be in paint or dust. I can’t wait for another season. Good luck and congratulations!

  17. Judy Smith

    Hi, I also worked in the medical field full time as a radiology technologist in the CAT scan department for both my pregnancies. The work was fast paced involving a lot of patient transfers from a bed, stretcher, wheelchair or some outpatients and carrying heavy film cassettes to process the films.

    I worked to the last possible days prior to delivery. As others will share, each pregnancy and each person experiences pregnancy differently. You do what you can do, follow MD advice and make safe decisions.

    Hugs, Jasmine. You were beautiful and glowing during your show and your daughters pregnancy. Hugs to your crew for looking after you 😉

  18. Jennifer Wadhams

    Like everyone else, I think you’re a rock star for filming a building show while pregnant. What I love most about it, is probably something you didn’t even think of. Letting the world see a pregnant woman on TV doing that kind of work while still keeping herself and her baby safe, is AMAZING!! At a time where we are still fighting for true equality in the world and in the workplace, you showed up for women all over the world in a powerful way.

  19. Gale McGraw

    I couldn’t spit the words out properly when I met you at Round Top, but I was in awe of you continuing to shoot and renovate homes through your pregnancy. However, as much as I love all of your work, I hope you’re getting enough family time and taking care of you.


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