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HGTV Secret Revealed! How I Got My HGTV Show: Part 1


Jasmine Roth how I got my HGTV Show; woman on home construction site filming a show

A lot of people ask me: “How did you get your HGTV show?” And wow – what a big question this is! There’s a short answer and a long answer and they’re both the same. Short answer: a ton of work and a little luck. Long answer: Let me tell you about a lot of work and a little bit of luck…

Jasmine Roth on home construction site filming a hgtv show

How I Got Noticed by HGTV

First, We Built Our Own House… and the One Next Door

It was 2010 and Brett called me. “Jas, I finally found a piece of land and we’ve gotta buy it TODAY!” We’d been looking for a house – or piece of land to build a house on – without any luck. I was out of town auditing a company (I was a cost reduction consultant at the time) and after a long day of working with my clients, buying a piece of real estate across the country felt surreal and was honestly the furthest thing from my mind.

“Go for it!” I told him. “We’ll build ourselves a house and we can build one next door as an investment to offset the cost.” We both knew it was a big project and a gamble, but we’d had our real estate licenses in college and had business degrees in entrepreneurship, so we decided to go for it.

the first home that Jasmine Roth built in huntington beach, california; beach house

Once we closed on the land, I threw the numbers into a spreadsheet, signed up with a local general contractor, and set an intro meeting with an architect. Fast forward one year, and we FINALLY had our plans approved through the City of Huntington Beach. We were building a craftsman style home as spec (to sell) and a “California Cape Cod” for ourselves. We were SO EXCITED! We got started and things were moving quickly.

The real problem started when we were framing the house. Our builder started asking a lot of questions that we couldn’t answer and since we were both working full-time in other jobs, being home developers on the weekend was starting to wear on us. I found myself working on the houses every minute I wasn’t at work… and it still wasn’t enough. We were falling behind and we were officially stalled. I’d started a new job in corporate social responsibility, and when the timing seemed right, I decided to give my notice and “become a home builder.”

HGTV show Jasmine Roth building her first house in huntington beach, california

I Quit My Corporate Job and Grabbed a Hard Hat

See, I told you there was a little bit of luck involved. Turns out I really enjoyed going to the jobsite everyday. I loved learning from all the skilled tradespeople that were working on our home and I loved discovering new materials to use on our build. And when I say “new,” I mean they were actually mostly just new to me, since I’d never built a house before, but you know what I mean. In 2013 we finally finished the houses and moved into our dream home.

Jasmine Roth's first home that she built; california casual kitchen with copper lights

I sold the investment property we built next door as “for sale by owner” and just like that, my company had its first big win.

I’d already started Built Custom Homes and launched my blog, and this sale was just the thing to boost my confidence for my next big venture. I gathered some family investors and bought another piece of land in Huntington Beach. I kept building custom homes from the ground up, selling them, buying more land… it was fun and lots of hard work.

But I also thought it would be fun to try some renovations and DIY projects I’d seen on Pinterest. After all, I had a blog and needed some great content to post. So I took on friends and family as clients… for free! I worked for about 2 years, full-time, developing homes for Built Custom Homes (to pay the bills) and then filled every spare minute with all my other projects – and never charged anyone.

Work, Work and More WORK!

Finally, when I had enough photos in my portfolio and enough people asking for my help, I started accepting paying clients. I renovated condos, stenciled concrete patios, decorated living rooms, hung gallery walls, picked paint colors, redid entire homes for sale… the list goes on and on.

I was learning and my company was growing fast! At the end of 2015, I took on a fun project for my family called the #TinyMountainHome.

jasmine roth's home in utah; tiny mountain home

It was a project in Park City, UT with a tight budget, even tighter quarters (only 640 square feet), and I did all the work in the middle of a blizzard. Because of the quick timeline I did a lot of the work myself, documenting and posting to Instagram as I went. The videos were raw, real, and showed the progress as it was happening. In retrospect, I’d accidentally put myself on a TV timeline without even realizing it.

hgtv's jasmine roth's tiny mountain home in utah; living room with spiral staircase

I Auditioned Without Even Knowing It

A few months after finishing that project, I received an email from a production company that develops shows for HGTV. “We’d love to videochat with you if you’re interested,” the email read. I called my mother-in-law and we laughed about how it must be a joke. I responded, although I didn’t give it much thought since I assumed the email was a scam, “sure, I’d love to chat!”

I know, I know – I was dead wrong! That first call was surreal. I’d never considered being on TV and knew nothing about it. I asked how they’d found me and was so surprised when they said… Instagram! I had less than 1,500 followers at the time, although I was posting away like I had a million!

I’d posted one of my most recent new construction projects for sale and in the caption had used the hashtag #beachbuild. It just so happens, HGTV was looking for a new show about building at the beach and the stars aligned. That said, I never did a show about building at the beach because by the time we sent over footage to HGTV, someone else had beat us to the punch and the concept we’d worked so hard to pitch was dead. For many, that might have been the end, but luckily for me, it was just the beginning.

Thanks for reading! Are you surprised how I got my own HGTV show? Don’t worry, I’ll write more soon. Next up, how I got my Pilot episode on my HGTV show!

jasmine roth's first hgvt show


  1. Sheri Klancher

    Love your story & have so enjoyed watching you renovate homes. I’m a family friend of the Woidneck’s, and Rachel told me about you.

    Congratulations on your show, and congratulations on your beautiful daughter!! Wishing you continued success!

  2. Mrs. DaVel Walker

    Thanks for sharing! I often wondered how these shows come to HGTV! I’ve built a custom home before, oversaw the project (hiring subs, ordering materials, construction draws, payables etc) and fell in love with design through the process! The subs not showing up and putting the schedule behind was not so much fun but the design was very exciting! I’ve been contemplating something very similar to what you have done…not so much the tv part of it but the building/design part as a full-time venture! ??

  3. susan giardina

    Is the adorable BlueTiny House in Park City the one that you still vacation at?

  4. Cindy

    Jasmine, I have watched all of the shows for 20+ years, and yours has been the most helpful to me. Love your practical, beautiful style and creative ideas. Keep them coming!

  5. Kate

    Wow, what an amazing story!! I absolutely love love your shows. I’m all the way from South Africa and became a fan of HGTV when I wanted to renovate my house. Your shows are my absolute favorite as I love and prefer your style. It’s just a pity your shows air in our screens a little later than the release date in the US (literally when the season ends there it only starts for us here?). Congratulations on all your achievements and also Congratulations on Gorgeous Hazel she’s adorable!

  6. Meg

    Your designs are practical but refreshing and fun! I live in the snowy, chilly Northeast but find lots of inspiration for your beachy California style. Looking forward to more of your creativity.

  7. Sunny Beamish

    So nice to hear the back story and am so glad the stars aligned :} Your personality shines, and it is so awesome to seeing women successful in this industry. We all feel so comfortable and inspired to take on our small projects, California style.

  8. Kim Carroll

    Thank God for us that you said yes to the video chat! We love your shows!!!

  9. CJ Nienhuis

    I love your show and the energy, enthusiasm and fun you bring to it. I love watching the joy on your face when you do the reveal for your clients. I think you’re as excited about showing it as they are seeing it! Thanks for sharing all the inside scoop. You have a great thing going with your show, and so many fans out here.

  10. Deb Christner

    You are my inspiration! I have a new product that no one else in the world is creating and it takes so much time and money to keep trying to get the word out. When I feel like giving up I go to your blog and am inspired to keep working at it.
    The extra bonus is your great show and family.

    Thank You

  11. Michael

    I’m not surprised. Some people are very hard, conscientious workers (like you, also me). Others go to work (because they have to), but can’t wait until their 8 hours are up. I spent 33 years at a major firm. I started at the bottom, then 4 years before I retired early, I was a Senior Budget Mgr. My goal was to retire at 55, I retired at 54. The reason I’m not surprised is, you like what you do, and you have no problem learning new things. You were smart posting everything! Those who work hard, and are willing to learn, in most cases will get noticed….some will be extra lucky (like you) and get noticed for HGTV. Keep up your hard work, and keep smiling (that way I know you’re enjoying what your doing)!? Everyone should read your story.

  12. Bridget Barnabei

    I loved the story of your rise to fame. ? The story of taking a chance and have it all work out in your favor is the American Dream. Congratulations on your fun and informative show. Also, congratulations on that beautiful daughter of yours. I’m sure both of yours and Bretts lives have been changed for the better. Children are a gift!! Do you ever recommend other girls that build? I’m looking for one to do my home? Love the blog and the show!!!

  13. Sharron LOCKWOOD

    Love your show and love your ideas and designs. You make it look so easy but I know it is not. My husband was a General Contractor for many years and I did the books. It is a big job and a lot of work! Now that we are retired we will be doing a remodel on our house this year and mostly remodeling our kitchen. My ideas, I’ve already picked everything out, but we will be hiring a contractor. I want to be the client (and not butt heads with my husband!) And I got a lot of my ideas from you and watching your show. Thank you. Can’t wait for your new show. And that little one of yours is just adorable! I can’t believe she was actually loving snowboarding! She is so cute!

  14. Bobbi Jones

    All this time, here I was over here thinking I knew everything JASMINE ROTH. WWWWWRONG!!!! I never knew how your show came about… cool!!!! And so deserving ? ❤

  15. Mrs. T.J

    Hi Jasmine, reading how you got your HGTV show tells me this passion I have for houses is not just a thing but a true gift. My dream is to just work and bring a dead/trashed home to life. I wish you have some online course I could jump on.When I watch your show every time I see how all you care about is your clients and how they are going to react to what you have created for them. I love you because of how pure and genuine you are at what you do. Thank you Jasmine, I know surely my dream will come to pass.

  16. Karen Penn

    Thank you! I so enjoy everything – yes everyone you do. Hidden Potential is fabulous – great ideas. Help! Is a fun show – so glad you get to rescue people – I dream of you rescuing our home too. Loved the competition show and you won of course. You are a joy to watch – thank you – I look forward to many more of your shows. So glad you get to share your talent with us all. Go girl power!


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