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HGTV Secret Revealed! Do the Homeowners Get to Keep the Furniture?


Help I wrecked my house Do the Homeowners Get to Keep the Furniture?

It’s time for another HGTV Secret Revealed, and this one is A GOOD ONE.  And it’s based on this question people ask me all the time about the homeowners whose homes we renovate on my HGTV shows: DO THEY KEEP THE FURNITURE?  I mean, think about it!  We redo their home and on the big reveal day, they walk through the front door and everything looks beautiful with lovely furniture and decor everywhere you look.  Their homes are staged to perfection, but wait a minute… do they get to keep that stuff?!

Okay, I know we’ve all wondered this!  Let’s remember – I didn’t always have an HGTV show and not that long ago, I had all the same questions you do.  So I figured, let’s put some of these to bed!  (Yes, that’s a bad furniture pun and I’m laughing and that’s all that matters!)

Help I wrecked my house Do the Homeowners Get to Keep the Furniture?

HGTV Secret Revealed: Do the Homeowners Get to Keep the Furniture?

And the answer is:
It depends.

Ohhhh, come on Jaz, that’s not a real answer!  Okay okay, here’s the deal.  Most of the homeowners already own furniture or have pieces that are heirlooms from their childhood, or they want to buy their own furniture… you get the picture.  So in those cases, we use pieces from my warehouse mixed with local staging companies to “dress” the homes so that when they walk through the door, it feels like they can just kick off their shoes and start living.  Then we also have the folks that have their own furniture, but when they see what I’ve put in their house, they immediately start bargaining for me to leave everything… and they offer to light fire to their own storage unit!  Ha! (I wish I was kidding – this was a real offer I received from a client. 😬)  But in most of these cases, once the initial love affair wears off, and they realize a toddler would destroy the white couch I put in the living room and that their dark brown sectional is much more practical, they get over it and put their own furniture back in.

That said, there’s the occasional client that says – LEAVE EVERYTHING.  To which I say – GREAT!

What do you think?  Would you want me to leave everything or would you want your own furniture?


  1. Tiina

    U love your choices and they definitely resonate with what I would put in my house anyway. So I would keep it all. But with 6 months old in my hands I also understand that it might very well change 😄

  2. Donna Hollins

    Love your work. But I have a question for you….what is the best kind of rug to put on top of Luxury Vinyl Planking. I put some in my house a couple of years ago and still don’t know what to use for a rug(mat) in my kitchen. I am afraid of rich colours bleeding through or for the backing to stain the flooring….thanks for any help.

  3. Margie

    So if they decide they want to keep everything, do they have to pay extra?

  4. Marti

    Half and half. Some of your furniture and some of mine.

  5. Mary-Beth

    I am thinking leave everything, but I don’t think I can really give a fair answer until you fly cross country and help me revamp my late 1700s home. 😉

  6. Ramona

    I think the way you stage the house is what takes the reno over the top. It all looks so beautiful. As one of your clients I would want it to stay. Can’t imagine putting ratty, ugly, dark brown furniture back into the house.

  7. Luke

    I think I would love a blend of what I have and what you have. Then I get all my antiques with a designers eye for what goes with it all!

  8. Clarisa

    When they decided to keep the furniture, did the pay extra for them or it’s on the inicial budget?

  9. Dan Sharp

    For me, mixed. As a bachelor, your choices are probably much better than mine… though some of my pieces are to be kept in the family.

  10. Wanda

    I definitely want the entire package. All accessories, rugs, pillows, chairs, sofas etc…The homes look stunning all done up. I’d buy it all 😀

  11. Nicole

    It’s depends… 😏😉

  12. Charisse

    But the big question really is, if they decide to keep the furniture, do they pay you extra for this or are the furniture included in the reno budget already? Time for a new blog entry, Jaz! Lol Keep safe!❤🥰

  13. Celia

    Once the filming is done and all the nice furnishings are out, have you ever re-staged the home using the client’s own furnishings? That’s what I would ask to be done!


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