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Help! I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2


Help I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2

Project Overview

The Homeowners

Katrina & Sam Help I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2

The Budget


The DL

Let me preface this by telling you that never before in my entire career have I seen someone who’s NOT in construction build their entire own addition onto their house… until I met Katrina and Sam.  They had successfully renovated their kitchen and bathroom, and both spaces looked great.  Since those projects seemed to go off without a hitch, they thought they could tackle new construction by adding an addition on their own.  But that’s exactly where they should have laid down the hammer (as in don’t use it, please!).  As they were showing me the new addition they were trying to build – which would include their main bedroom, main bathroom and nursery – I looked down in horror and realized they poured a concrete slab themselves.  I immediately wondered if it was done correctly – pouring a concrete slab isn’t something you DIY, you guys!

But here they were, living 3 years in a construction zone they created themselves from Sam watching Youtube videos.  I didn’t misspeak: he looked up countless different DIY videos to piece together how to do an entire new-construction addition.  Why?  Because there’s no one video about how to DIY your own new construction because THAT’S A JOB FOR THE PROS, PEOPLE.  I get it, though, they were particularly motivated to save money and move onto the next chapter in their lives.  Katrina and Sam desperately wanted to have a baby, but they couldn’t do that while living in half a house.  Sam finally got the hint to stop demo when he suffered a serious injury that sent him to the ER.

The Plan

We needed to bring in my general contractor Scott, an engineer and an inspector to make sure the framing and slab (heck, and everything else) were done correctly.  Only then could we move forward with giving this hardworking couple the main bedroom, main bathroom, walk-in closet and nursery of their dreams.  I took their previously slated budget of $75,000 and asked for $95,000 – what we needed to finish this house was a LOT.  Katrina and Sam vowed to borrow money from family to make it work.  We needed to make this home safe, functional and comfortable so Katrina and Sam could move on from the construction mess and prepare to welcome a baby into their family.

The Inspiration

Help I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2

Help I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2

The Main Bedroom

The first thing we did was bring in some experts to make sure this addition was safe and up to code.  We got the go-ahead from the inspector with the framing, but Scott found out that the floor wasn’t level… by a LOT.  Not just in the bedroom, but in different parts of the entire new addition.  We were able to fix the flooring to get it level and pick up where Sam had left off to finish this main bedroom.  Luckily for us, we had some nice vaulted ceilings to work with.  Sam and Katrina’s style leans modern luxury, so my goal was to make it feel like a beautiful boutique hotel room.  To do that, I wanted this room to feel really design forward so I added a feature wall behind the bed, two floating nightstands and an upholstered headboard to give this room that boutique hotel room feel.

Help I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2

Special Project: Wood Slat Feature Wall

When I saw this room and those tall ceilings, I knew I wanted to do a feature wall.  So I brought in my friend Candi Girardi of Urban Wall Design to help me do just that!  We made a LOT of custom cuts (and did a lot of math, on Candi’s part!) to make this custom feature wall for Katrina and Sam.  Painting the wood slats Elephant Ear by Sherwin-Williams really set them off.  I was OBSESSED with this wall.  I want one in my own house now!

Help I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2

Bench // Rug // Color Block Pillow // Chrome Table Lamps // Queen Bed Frame // Cirrus Pendant Light // Floating Nightstands // Curtains // Large Gray Pillows // Lumbar Pillow 

Another detail that gave this main bedroom a modern, luxurious feel was adding custom cabinets in an entry hall that leads from the door into the room.  The large chrome cabinet pulls bring home that modern style.

Help I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2

Chrome Cabinet Pulls // Cabinet Countertops // Faux Olive Tree // Woven Rug // Square Frames // Wall Paint Color // Trim Paint Color

Chrome Pulls in 5 inch spacing (we used 8.75 inch spacing, linked here)

Along with adding more storage to their room, these cabinets provide yet another beautiful surface.  The perfect place to display plants and personal mementos… you know, two of my very favorite design aspects!

When I first talked to Katrina and Sam about this room, they were adamant about the opening to the bathroom being… well… open.  They liked the flow of the two rooms and didn’t want to interrupt that by adding doors, which I totally get!  But I had a compromise… barn doors!  Once I told them how awkward it might be to have someone in the bathroom and someone in bed without much separation, they agreed to the barn doors.  They can stay open as much as they want, but also close them when someone needs privacy (or if one person has to wake up earlier than the other!).  It was a win-win and they add to that modern feel at the same time.  All in all, the barn door project cost $1,800.

Help I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2

Charcoal Wax on Canvas Artwork // Folding Leather Sling Stool

Special Project: Upholstered Wall-Mounted Headboard

Another key design point to making this room feel like a boutique hotel was that amazing upholstered headboard that ran the whole width of the back wall.  And you know what, I made it myself!  I used heavy fabric, gathered some batting and took my time stuffing and stapling each individual section that we then hung on the wall. It took a bit of patience, but I did the whole thing for under $700.  Score!

Table Lamps // Water Carafe // Rug // Bench // Large Gray Pillows // Color Blocked Pillow // Floating Nightstands // Woven Shade // Wall Color 

Help I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2

Woven Tapestry // Desk Lamp // Mid-Century Chair (similar) // Glass-Top Desk (similar) // Faux Potted Plant (similar) 

Desk Lamp

At the end of the day, hearing them say this room “looks like a 5 plus star modern beautiful hotel room” was all I needed to hear to know Katrina and Sam loved it!

Help I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2


The Main Bathroom

The main bathroom was unfortunately where most of the problems were for this addition.  I put $22,000 of the budget towards getting this room done right, adding functional storage, and creating a modern retreat for Katrina and Sam.  For starters, continuing the same wood look tile from the bedroom into the bathroom gave great flow and cohesion to the whole suite.

Help I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2

Barn Door with Installation Hardware Kit // Barn Door Hardware

Bathroom Vanity // Medicine Cabinets // Sconce Lighting // Faucets 

Before, one of the big problems with this bathroom was that the toilet plumbing wasn’t centered within the space planned for it.  Which means the second someone tried to install a toilet there, it would have hit the wall and not fit.  Aside from re-plumbing that, the toilet also had the wrong fittings.  The pipe fitting was flat with no slope, meaning if they would have finished this project, first flush they would have had a flood.  Moving the drain line impacted the budget because that’s a problem we didn’t expect.  But we got it done!

Help I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2

We wanted this bathroom to feel like a modern retreat, so for the shower, we went with a single pane of glass for a sleek look.  To give the shower an ultra high-end look without breaking the bank, we used large format porcelain tiles printed to look like marble.  When installed with really small grout lines, large format tiles can look almost like one large slab of marble was used.  The overall budget for the bathroom was $22,000.  Sam said he finally has a shower where he doesn’t bump into the walls with his arms.  That’s another win!

Help I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2

Shower Tile // Shower Drain // Shower Rainhead // Shower Bench (similar) // Rug

Honed Porcelain Shower Tile

Shower Rainhead

Shower Bench (similar) // Bath Towels 

Adding medicine cabinets to this bathroom was really important to Katrina and Sam.  They were pretty upset when I told them that they have to be custom framed into the wall and Sam had already framed out this bathroom without accounting for that.  But not to worry, my Built Custom Homes team came in and we added double wall mounted medicine cabinets over the double sink vanity.  They look cool AND add storage to the bathroom.  The light fixtures were something Katrina helped me pick out on a little shopping trip.  I think they look great!

Vanity // Medicine Cabinets // Soap Bottles (similar) // Bud Vases // Sconce Lighting 

Sconce Lighting

Help I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2

Ottoman // Metal Table Lamp

Special Project: Custom Makeup Alcove

To add even more functionality to the bathroom, I wanted to add a custom vanity niche (aka storage) for Katrina by cutting into the wall and taking 10 inches from the closet on the other side of the wall.  I brought in Sam to help me with this, and he did a great job!  I love that he likes learning and trying new things, but I also believe in knowing your limits.  The was the perfect project for him to take ownership of with his house, and we had fun!  And yes, that’s three medicine cabinets for this bathroom. Win, win, win.

Help I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2

Slim Rectangular Medicine Cabinet // Tray (similar) 

Flower Vase // Tray (similar) // Metal Table Lamp // Slim Rectangular Medicine Cabinet

The Closet

The closet was the place in the addition where the un-level floor was at its worst.  We’re talking: the worst Scott has ever seen in his whole career.  Yikes!  To fix the floor in the closet (and elsewhere) we spot floated to level the concrete.  That cost us $2,500. Just serves as another example of how someone was trying to DIY to save money and it ended up costing way more.  But let’s move onto the fun part…

Help I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2

Built-In Dressers // Ottoman // Laundry Bin // Large Felt Baskets // Hangers 

I called my friend Jac who owns a carpentry business to help me figure out how to do this closet on a budget.  I needed to do the whole closet for $2,500 with a simple design and big impact.  She helped me configure the storage layout, and we painted the entire room one custom color so it creates a cohesive, luxurious feel.

Help I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2

Large Felt Baskets with Stitching 

Ottoman // Overhead Light (not shown)

The Nursery

It was so important to me to be able to give Katrina and Sam a safe nursery for them so they could bring a baby into this home.

Help I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2

This was definitely the turning point Katrina and Sam were waiting years for, as they put off trying to start their family because this home was under construction for so long.  They told me it felt like a dark cloud had been lifted off of them, and I could not have been any happier to help them feel that way.  Plus, they reached out to me after we un-wrecked their house and told me Katrina was pregnant!  Happy tears, people!  That’s what it’s all about.

Help I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2

Chair (similar) // Floor Lamp // Bassinet // Curtains // Sheepskin // Side Table (similar) // Striped Rug // Watercolor // Dresser // Velvet Pillow // Table Lamp // Sputnik Light Fixture // Throw Blanket

Watercolor // Bassinet // Striped Rug // Sheepskin // Ottoman (similar)

A very special shout-out to Found Rental Co. for helping us style this home, from the furniture to the decor and everything in between!

Help! I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2 Help! I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2 Help! I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2 Help! I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2 Help! I Wrecked My House Season 2 Episode 2


  1. Maria

    Jasmine I love your design and always the coupe style. Hazel is adorable . Loved everything about this week’s project. Wow poor Katrina, but Sam was trying so hard. Can’t wait for the next show.

  2. Bobbie

    Love your design. Would you consider doing an episode of how to refinish marble countertops?

  3. Tamara

    I was hoping to find the link to the bed quilt. Any chance it could be shared? Thanks!

  4. Jini

    Your “fixes” are absolutely amazing. You’re invited to redo my house anytime. Can I ask where you found the great lavender shirt in this episode (flutter sleeve)? Thanks.

  5. Chrissy

    I absolutely love this shower! I’m trying to copy it for my bathroom remodel. I really appreciate the info on the materials you used. Did you use Schluter on the edge? Are the baseboards tile or wood? Thanks so much! Love your show! You seem so sweet and genuine.


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