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Help! I Wrecked My House Premieres TONIGHT!


YOU GUYS. The day is finally here! My BRAND NEW SHOW, “Help! I Wrecked My House” premieres tonight on HGTV! AHHHH! Sorry for all the caps but I’m really, really excited. I want you to tune in with me (I live Tweet every episode of my shows!), so set your DVR, tell your mom, tell your neighbors, tell your friends – it’s on tonight, Saturday, September 12 at 8pm ET/PT and 7pm Central.

This new show has me coming in to help homeowners who tried to DIY renovate their own homes, but totally got stuck or messed something up along the way. In the meantime, watch the trailer below to get stoked for tonight. It’s gonna be so good, watch with me!



  1. Meredith Ramona Mata

    Dear Jazz, Your energy pours through your blog. I’m reading and sailing through I wrecked my house. I love the title. I also loved your other show, oops name escapes me. I recorded and watched every episode. You did some amazing things. And you will with the new show. Stay safe. Can’t wait to see the helmet. I thought she was going to ride a tricycle. Lol. Meredith

  2. Dottie Mazurek

    Little Hazel is a beautiful baby ?? inside and out. A helmet will not change that beautiful smile and big eyes ? !! ?Xo Hazel will be fine Mom. Looking forward to your new show tonite!! Watched your other show religiously and will do the same with this one! Good Luck Jasmine. ??

  3. Joshua

    Can’t wait!

  4. Sandra Dvorak

    Your little angel is adorable…that sweet smile!
    I want to thank you for inspiring our new kitchen. (The winning design in the Las Vegas competition.) Looking forward to tonight’s premiere.
    Thank you very much for all your great ideas.

  5. Beverly Hulick

    I’m sure you had a worried mommy moment when told about the helmet but think of it as a way to express Hazel’s bubbly personality. She’ll be a fashion diva once you decorate it!
    I have been telling everyone about your show and even told them you personally told me about it. What’s a white lie between friends?!!! Can’t wait to watch it.

  6. Mike Cuff

    We’ll be watching!

  7. Lori Johnson

    Jasmine, my husband and I have watched all your shows. Your our children’s age, having babies at the same time( our 4th granddaughter is due in 3 weeks) and we just all watched your new show. Praying for Hazel and mom and dad. Having a little one with a medical condition, we understand the concern that it causes you, but medical science and the good Lord with take care of them we pray ❣️ We will continue to watch and enjoy your show.

  8. Deb

    Watched last night – loved it!!

  9. Trina

    The new show is wonderful and I absolutely love the closet doors you made. Now I want to replace mine ?Wishing you continued success and many blessings to you and your family.

  10. Linda Hooper

    This message is for Jasmine Roth, Please. I have a real real problem, and maybe you can help, suggest something? I can’t find the space where to apply to be on the show. briefly, dinning room was to small for my family a “friend” at work said oh my son and I can make it larger. There was a sliding glass window to a front patio, so making the room larger would be easy??? I said ok, what a mess. one of the windows keeps breaking, cracking, twice now, I think there is too much weight on the window, floor has a slight slant to it. I really need help help, pls. Just a phone call would help, pls. We paid 40,thous. for the house in 1972. and now the houses in Glendora my area are selling for 1,050.000. and up. everyone to comes to the house or neighbor hood thinks we have $$, my husband is 88 and me 79 (boo hoo), so asking someone to fix anything alwys to over priced. I could go on, but I think this would be a good example for a tv show and tell experience. There is more to the project then what I said. Thanks for reading this


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