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For the LOVE of the Powder Room!


So today we ask, do you LOVE your powder room?  For those of you that are confused, we are referring to the small bathroom that (usually) lives on your first floor and is (usually) one of the places that every guest will see in your home.  It is (in our humble opinion) a small space that holds a lot of design potential.

But what to do with that small space?  We have found some great ideas on Pinterest and Houzz and would recommend checking them both out.  Otherwise, what we do, is just find something that makes us smile!

For example, the first floor powder room in our Industrial Cape Cod Project came to life with a repurposed vintage sewing stand.  Here is the finished product:Always obsessed with potting benches, Betsy bought this as a birthday gift for Jasmine.It was old, chippy, rickety, and just all kinds of cool!

Once we realized how unique this piece was, we decided to use it for a sink base in our powder room and find something a bit more generic (and functional) for our garden.  The first step was to load the old hunk of rusty metal into our car and drop it off for a sandblast and powdercoat.  The initial plan was for white legs, but when we saw that color chart, we just had to pick something more fun!

When we got it back, we tried it out in our still being constructed powder room.  Looking good!The next step was the top.  For this, we had to default to the pros.  For the custom woodworking and reclaimed lumber we turned to Salvage Design Company in Huntington Beach, CA.  They did an amazing job making a top that looked similar to the original, but could hold a sink.  Under Betsy’s direction, our plumber installed the sink and there it was, our very own repurposed, totally cool, powder room sink!


  1. kim conlin

    OMG I totally thought it was into the floor this entire time! great added touch!!! PERFECT!


  2. kim conlin

    OMG I totally thought it was into the floor this entire time! great added touch!!! PERFECT!


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