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Pregnant During a Pandemic: Everything Changes


Going through a global pandemic in the world is one thing, but I can confidently say being pregnant during a pandemic is a whole other experience.  Since I got pregnant, people asked me: “what’s your birth plan?”.  And my answer was sorta simple:  take the classes at the hospital, trust my doctors, go to the hospital, have a baby, come home.

I wasn’t really overthinking it.  Brett and I also weren’t that concerned considering we have a great hospital close by that our friends and family have delivered at for years.  Well, who knew that “simple” plan of mine would be totally rocked. And here we are, having to rethink everything.  And here I am, pregnant during a pandemic.

Everything Changed

Being pregnant (37 weeks, due 4/27/20) during COVID-19 has been something we never could have planned for.  Initially, everything changed at work.  Go home, filming postponed, projects are closed, you can’t leave your house.  WAIT, WHAT?!

Then it was social contact that changed.  No grocery stores, no Target runs, no hardware store trips (this might seem trivial, but I go to the local Home Depot very regularly).  Stay home and “shelter in place”…WAIT, WHAT?!

Then it got real – no guests at the hospital, no grandmas and grandpas to help you, no doula, no photographer, no flowers to be sent or balloons in your room, and HOPEFULLY your husband will be able to be there… WAIT, WHAT?! I mean, I already have my hospital bag packed!

But honestly, none of it really made me miss a beat.  Well OF COURSE the grandparents not being there in the first couple of hours breaks my heart.  And losing my photographer was sad because I really LOVE photos… but you know.  None of it got to me until the part where they said Brett might not be there at the hospital with me.

Then It Hit Me

I wouldn’t say I “lost it,” but it really hit home and made this all seem very real.  For me, that’s the one part of my birth plan I don’t just want, I NEED.  And being pregnant during a pandemic I would need him even more!  Would we pivot and have the baby at home so Brett could be there? I don’t think so. For us, the medical risk is too high for mama and baby.  (There’s a good chance I’ll need a c-section, so home delivery really isn’t an option.)

Would we drive to another county or state so Brett could be there?  Again, I don’t think so.  Delivering in a random hospital sounds scary to both of us.  So we realized pretty quickly that this challenge was just one more we would have to roll with.

And honestly, we’re fine!  Of course it’s not ideal, but if it happens, it happens.  This is such an important time in our lives to keep perspective.  We all know (although sometimes we forget) that unfortunately there’s always someone who has it much worse than we do.  And those are the people we should be focused on helping.

Babies are born every second in much worse conditions and scenarios than what we’re facing, and that reaches back way before the COVID-19 crisis.  My heart goes out to every woman who’s had to deliver without a significant other or partner or support system there, but also it’s important not to forget this happens every single day all over the world.  Military spouses deliver without partners all the time.  Single moms, couples with other kids at home, folks that can’t leave work… the list goes on and each story helps put our current situation into very clear focus.  If these strong women and families can do it, so can we.

So I Just Wanna Say

THANK YOU to all the courageous women who have entered into childbirth and then parenthood in less than ideal conditions.  You’ve shown us that not only can it be done, but done with grace and humility.  I hope to have this baby in the most comfortable, easy, pain-free way possible – but if none of that happens, know it’s going to be OK.

Never in a million years would I have expected our plans to change this much.  But I also never would have expected to be reading a post about a mother delivering a baby during COVID-19 in Thailand, and felt so close to her.  I know every woman who’s pregnant during this time is asking the same questions right now.

So to all the pregnant ladies out there – no matter what continent you’re on or what your original birth plan was, I hope you can find peace knowing you’re not alone.  It’s OK to be nervous. It’s OK to be scared.  But it’s also OK to be confident and resilient.

Let’s look to those that have gone before us, calm our minds, and be as strong as possible for our growing families.  We’re all in this together – we’ve got this.


  1. Paulette

    Wonderful comforting words.

    • Paulette

      I’m praying for you 🙂

  2. Mark

    Good luck Jasmine, stay strong!

  3. Jen S

    You got this! The most important thing is to stay calm and focus on what you CAN do! And it sounds like you are doing just that. In 1987 (be4 cell phones) I had 36 hrs labor & ended up having C-section with my first and to be honest. I was so focused on that baby, the President could have walked in & I could have cared less. It is all about you & baby & your caregivers. My husband was there but he couldn’t really help until after anyway. I hope he can be there. But if not, you will do great. Don’t worry. Stay strong. Be safe. Hug your hubby & have Happy Labor Day. You got this?

    • MARU

      It’s true. My husband was there but he could’t help.
      You can do it. Stay Strong!

  4. Judy

    Well written! The stories you can tell this little one. Continue to be strong! I hope your labor and delivery goes smooth. I’m so sorry your hubby may not be at your side.

  5. Gabe Di Renzo

    You are amazing Jasmine.Always caring for others.Great advice.I wish you and all the expecting women all the best . I am thinking of you all.Hang in there it will be ok. Just differant.God Bless.Be safe.

  6. Sharon

    Jasmine when I delivered I don’t think I could have been alone my second of three babies delivery was definitely different I had placenta previa, gestational diabetes too. Also I was 32 so I started having anxiety during labor got up ripped off everything and said to my husband I changed my mind not having a baby. Started hyperventilating too. If my husband were not there I probably would have been on a psych hold lol. Everything turned out fine. just I don’t support not having your significant other with you in delivery because hormones are crazy emotions run high too. 2 of my sweet friends daughters are delivering too. One the 27th and one the 4th of July. The one on the 27th lives in Virginia and her bf not allowed. She’s heartbroken about it. Last week another delivered a big girl 9 lbs 9 oz in stonybrook hospital in long island here in the heart of things. She found out after delivery that she was positive for the virus. 3 days later she was on a ventilator. Thank God she went home yesterday 4 days after being vented. God is good. But her premier yes imagine how much more she would weigh if she went another 2 weeks! The baby is positive for the virus too. Now she’s on a ventilator. All this while her husband was only allowed to drop her off to deliver alone and hasn’t seen either of them since. Oh except for his wife being released today. It’s crazy. A nurse took a facetime photo to each parent. But terrifying crazy stuff.

  7. Kj

    I pray that God’s protection will be on your new family. Thank you for modeling goodness and grace.

  8. Hayley Marts

    Delivered a healthy baby girl myself 2 weeks ago. My experience was a bit different than my first. (My babies are 364 days apart.) I missed my sons first birthday because he couldn’t come to the hospital to meet his little sister. My best friends and family couldn’t come to the hospital to meet the newest member of the clan BUT I will say, my doctors and nurses only had mine, my baby and my husbands best interests in mind. It wasn’t ideal in any way shape or form but I did the damn thing and so will you!! Hang in there, Mama! You can do it!

  9. Brenna

    I could have written this myself. I’m due mid May near Philadelphia and after NY wasn’t allowing spouses, I was told it could be an option here. Like you I panicked and cried for days, worried at what’s to come. I need my husband there for Our first baby. Thank God my husband has stayed so optimistic and we’ve realized that we have to take it a day at a time. We’re both lucky to still have our jobs and only pray for a healthy baby and family during this WILD time. Your pregnancy has been almost parallel to mine and your positive attitude has kept me in check. Thank you and I look forward to following you as we approach the delivery room ?

  10. Candice

    You can do this Mama! I delivered my daughter last May and the feelings still feel so close & ones I’ll never forget. I can’t imagine how pregnant women are feeling going through this time. I delivered at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach and I feel so lucky that my doctor & nurses were so supportive, caring & compassionate towards this first time Mama. I definitely don’t take for granted the great support I have & am so grateful for that.

  11. Olga Draguieva

    Good luck to you Jasmine, you will do great! Hope your husband can be there as well and everything goes very smoothly! I am 37 weeks pregnant myself and I know how scary it has been to face so many challenges, uncertainty and worries. But we can do it! I know that everything will turn out ok. I have been following you and I admire your strength and positive attitude! Good luck!

  12. Intan Nadhirah Masri

    Hi Jasmine.

    Don’t overthinking things. Work your plans according to what you’ve planned, and adjust to current COVID19 situation. You’ll be fine. I didn’t get to the 9-months pregnancy stage as I gave birth to my boy when I was working away from office. He was born at 28 weeks but I was so glad that I did everything according to my plan, except for the part he decided to come sooner than expected. I had the baby bags with me, the baby book and went to the best neonatal hospital available in the area. The rest was allowed according to HIS plans. Isn’t it wonderful? Take care, stay safe and good luck ??

  13. Kathy

    You have such a great attitude. You are going to be an awesome mommy:) You are way ahead of the parenting game because you are readjusting, accepting and prepared. Lean on Brett and he’ll lean on you. Together you’ll stand up and face whatever you need to in life. You seem like such an awesome team. Best of luck and great health to you all. You got this:).

  14. Marissa

    33+ weeks, frontline healthcare worker (RN) and feeling all the feels you are. Delivery during a pandemic and continuing to work and pray I don’t get sick and baby isn’t separate from me, keeps me up at night. So much has changed from how we planned things to be. But the best gift is holding baby in your arms and all we can do is keep our eyes on the prize. Best wishes!

  15. Nan

    Please don’t let fear keep you from enjoying this wonderful blessing of giving birth. You are a strong and capable woman and can face any challenge. In some cultures a husband isn’t ever allowed at the delivery. Be calm in knowing you have the best care from your hospital team of professionals who will take care of you in any event whether you will be solo or not. Think of the joy on your husband’s face when he does meet the baby. You will be fine, baby will be fine, all will be well !!


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