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Ep 3: From Woeful to Whimsical


Behind the scenes you guys!  I get so many questions about how we make Hidden Potential and thought this would be a really great way to answer them.  If you haven’t seen this episode, don’t worry – you can watch it on iTunes HERE and on Amazon HERE.

As the first ever project for HGTV’s Hidden Potential I couldn’t wait to get started.  As most projects do, we began at the Built Custom Homes warehouse, this is where all the magic happens!

For years, I worked out of Brett’s and my house.  Finally, in 2016 there were enough tile samples, client presentations, and really awesome items for sale in my e-commerce shop, The Warehouse by Jasmine Roth, that it made sense to move.  Was it scary to take on a lease?  YES!  Did I have second thoughts?  YES!  In retrospect, was it the right move?  YES!

This is how most of my projects with SC HOMES start.  We sit down and talk through everything.  FUN FACT: The first time SC HOMES came to the Built Custom Homes warehouse it was 99 degrees inside and we were so sweaty we couldn’t talk!

Scott and Sean are the best.  For those of you that watch Hidden Potential, you know that Scott is the owner of SC HOMES and Sean was the project supervisor on every house.  They worked their butts off on these houses and build beautiful custom homes when they aren’t working with me.  But I don’t think they have as much fun!

The first step to every house is really learning how the homeowners live and what they like/dislike.  In this case, Amy and Jeff had a pretty interesting story.

They fell in love with the neighborhood and when a house came available, they bought it without even going inside!  When they got the keys and entered the house, they realized it was a hoarders house.  The water and toilets didn’t even work!  They also found out that they were pregnant with their first child.  Nothing like a little pressure to kick-start a renovation.  They did the renovation themselves, picking out finishes as they needed them.  When they stepped back to look at the finished product, they realized they had chosen EVERYTHING in brown. Whoops!

With a budget of $65,000 we got to work!  The first thing – get rid of the huge wall in the middle of the house.  We also closed in an unnecessary door in the kitchen to allow for a completely updated layout.

Fast forward and it was time for the finishing touches.  One of the best ways to update this house was to add a new front door and paint it a fun color!  In this case, we added a dutch door, which is basically just a door that is cut in half.

Another one of my favorite projects on this house were the handmade “PLAY” letters that I added to the exterior wall.  Here is a video of me sharing the process for hand crafting these letters on KTLA.

And just like that, we were done!  I waited patiently as the homeowners drove down the street to see their new house.  In that moment, I felt like the groom at a wedding.  Total emotion, nerves, and anticipation!

The good news – they LOVED their new house.

And because we don’t have nearly enough time on the show, here are all the details:

For the exterior, let’s talk left to right.

I added stacked stone around the garage and painted the existing garage door (Thunder Gray, SW7645).  This is, after all, a really big portion of the front of their house and the first thing you see.

The stacked stone was installed by SC FLOORING INC and it’s the same stone I have on the front of my house.  I love this El Dorado Nantucket Stacked Stone because it’s easy to install and really neutral.

Next up, we had to figure out how to dress up the front fence.  The existing white vinyl fence was the perfect solution for a family with young kids, but it felt a little tall and stark for the front of this house.  Digging deep to my east coast roots, I remembered that we always put copper post caps on our fence posts to keep the rain and snow from rotting the wood.  In sunny California, on a vinyl fence, this was more aesthetic than necessary, but it was the perfect way to make this fence pop!  We also added some plants to break up the white expanse of the fence.

The other major exterior change was to build a beautiful wood pergola with a custom shade sail.  In this case, we made the shade sail, but I would actually recommend purchasing a Rectangular Shade Sail.  It took a LOT of time to make it!

The addition of a swing added some much-needed seating for the adults.  Check out how I made this DIY rope swing here.

And finally, it was time to go inside!

The first thing the homeowners noticed: the kitchen!  After all, there used to be a wall between the front door and the kitchen.  By removing that wall, the space feels so much bigger.  Goodbye wall!

When the homeowners did their first renovation, they didn’t even think of changing the layout of the kitchen.  They just replaced what was existing with new, dark, cabinetry and tile.  By re-thinking this kitchen layout, I was able to add a huge island, a charging drawer, a farmhouse sink, and the open concept they had always dreamed of.

This kitchen design was really fun to put together.  I started with a neutral palette and used different textures like the wooden butcher block counter on the island, the enamel pendant lights, and plants to add interest.  Read the entire Woeful to Whimsical Kitchen Design Post for all the details.

One of the homeowners’ favorite features of the kitchen were these art frames with storage.  What a great way for them to change out their ever-changing children’s art.

Off the kitchen, we created a beautiful dining room complete with a vintage tin calendar that my mother-in-law, Betsy, made.  Another great way to make a “brand new” dining room feel cozy and approachable is to mix and match chairs.  In this case, we also hung a really simple light above the table to define the space.

Next up, the homeowners noticed their beautiful new fireplace.  Ok, in all fairness it was the same fireplace, but it sure did feel new!  Using the same stone from outside and a box beam, we were able to give this fireplace a major dose of character.

Another reason this fireplace “worked” is because of the feature wall we added to the wall around it.  Thanks Ricky Monter for your help!

One of my design challenges in this home was to create both a kid-friendly and adult-friendly space in the living room.  The addition of an “organization station” was a great solution to keep the kid’s toys organized & the living room tidy.  Getting the kids to put away their toys is another story!

Another unique feature about this living room is the custom fort handmade by Brian of B & D Cabinets.

Not only is this a fun, creative, space for the kids, it actually folds up and turns into an art piece!  The art is by my Sister-in-Law, Heather Roth, and I had it printed on wood by Woodsnap.  How cool is that?

And as far as details go, that’s about it!  These homeowners couldn’t have loved their house anymore.

And here’s a few more inspirational “after” photos!

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  1. Sarah brewster

    What color is the blue organization station? I’m dying to find something similar and don’t know where to start looking . Please help!

    • Heather

      Hi Sarah!

      This color is called Rainwashed by Sherwin WIlliams and it is one of our favorites! Kind of a bluey-greeney, super chill hue. Happy Painting!

  2. Danielle

    I’d love to know what the wall color is! Pretty please! ?

    • Heather

      Hi Danielle! Thanks for reading! The wall color here is Sherwin Williams: SW 7008 Alabaster, Flat. Happy painting!

  3. Jane

    What type of material are the beams and columns made of? I had an open porch using a few wood beams that rotted due to weather in my Maine home. I want to replace them and want something that won’t rot.

    • The Blog by JR

      Hi Jane,

      The beams are a high quality Douglas Fir, with several good coats of exterior grade paint. I can’t guarantee that will stand up to a Maine winter, but with proper maintenance it stands as good a chance as anything else!

  4. Jenn

    Hello! We just discovered this show. What is the door color you used on this house? Thank you!

    • The Blog by JR

      Hi Jenn,

      The front door color for this house is Sherwin Williams: SW 9059 Silken Peacock, Satin.

      SW 9059 Silken Peacock

      • Samantha

        I love Jasmine and this show!! It’s by far my favorite on HGTV. She is such a breath of fresh air and I love how happy and excited for design that she is. She has an amazing personality. I wish HGTV would air her shows all day! I am going to have my home exterior painted in the next couple weeks and I love this color scheme. What exterior body and trim color did you use for this house in this episode? Or what would you suggest for a neutral stucco home in Florida. I’m going to add the fun in the garage door and front door thanks!!!!

        • Jasmine

          Hi! I hope this helps 🙂

          Sherwin Williams: SW 7669 Summit Gray, Flat -exterior color
          Dunn Edwards: DE 5390 Rubber Ducky, Satin – front door color
          Sherwin Williams: SW 7005 Pure White, Satin – french door color
          Sherwin Williams: SW 7005 Pure White, Satin – exterior trim color
          Wood Accent Plank Garage- Work done by All County Garage

  5. Ashley

    I love the little fort! Any chance you have a materials list?

  6. Meghan Thorpe

    Hi, I love the knots in the swing. Do you have instruction on how to tie the knots?
    Thanks so much, Meghan

  7. Paul

    Totally looking to borrow the fort idea. We have a 7 month old baby boy and a small house so we are looking to save space when he gets bigger. Any chance you have the plans or materials used?

  8. Denise Emerson

    What color was the house on S1 E3?

  9. Marlene

    Where can I find the organization station or plans for it, that is killer!

  10. Jodie

    Who is the manufacture of the Dutch Door. What type of wood is it and did you do anything to treat it before painting it?

  11. Samantha Leising

    Can you please post the color of the exterior main house, trim and front door

  12. Samantha

    What is the exterior color of the main house body, garage doors and trim? Thanks!


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