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Ep 7: Ohana Means Family


This #modernhawaiian home was definitely a fan favorite, and I might be its biggest fan of all!  I mean, the colors, the tropical vibe, the emphasis on “ohana”: it all came together to create this sweet little oasis for a really special family.  If you haven’t seen this episode yet, a`ole pilikia (“no worries” in Hawaiian);  you can catch up on iTunes HERE and on Amazon HERE.

To start, I’d like to introduce you to Dave and Suzy:  homeowners, parents, neighbors, friends, Hawaiians, lovers of the beach, and unsure of how to create a home that reflects their interests and lifestyle.

Dave and Suzy’s home was surrounded by good friends and neighbors;  the kids would play in the cul de sac in the evenings, the couple would host BBQs on the weekends, their families were always welcome.  But, by looking at their drab, cookie-cutter house, you would never be able to guess any of that.

This home brings only one word to mind: meh.

Some builders might shy away from such a challenge, but not me.  I say, don’t threaten me with a good time!  We got right to work with the $75,000 budget, getting rid of the drab and bringing in the fab.  Of going from builder grade to custom made. From out of date to really great. (Okay, that last one was pretty bad. I’ll stop now.)

Safety first, guys!  Sean has his goggles on and is READY TO GO!  (Such a dork! I love this guy! He always makes me laugh.)

Demo day is in full swing!

This house had lots of cool special projects to address, including:

– A custom, fogged glass room divider feature

– A custom accent wall

– Built-in outdoor seating

– Original, commissioned outdoor wall mural from one of my absolute favorite artists, Joe Vickers. #jealousmuch

Source: Joe Vickers

With a six-week timeline, we pretty much started putting things back together as soon as we’d torn them apart, and in no time at all I found myself placing the finishing touches on the home in eager anticipation of the owner’s arrival!!

If only their home had had as much personality as their car, Dave and Suzy never would have needed me in the first place!  Check out these vintage wheels they rolled up in! 

It’s time for the reveal, and this before and after is NO JOKE.

I know, I know, that exterior paint color is INSANE!!  SO GOOD! SO DESERVING OF ALL THE CAPITAL LETTERS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS!!  Hello, Benjamin Moore: River Blue.

And now, for the rest of the exterior details, from left to right.

We added TWO killer outdoor seating areas for neighborhood gatherings.  The cheerful orange chairs around the firepit are so inviting! And the only things missing from this outdoor dining area with additional built-in bench seating are a mai tai and a warm Hawaiian breeze.

We removed the old, ill-proportioned door-overhang-thingy and added a clean, classic pergola along with a new, solid wood front door.

A fresh coat of paint on the garage door and updated landscaping with lots of tropical notes finish off the exterior, with an original mural by artist Joe Vickers as the crowning jewel of this Hawaiian-inspired hideaway.  (Have I already said I am super, raging, green-eyed jealous of this mural? I have? Just making sure.)

Ready to see the inside?  Me, too! Let’s go! It’s hard to even know where to begin with this project because I just love everything about it.

For starters, the Before and Afters on this one are a little cray because we did a total room-swap, and the kitchen and dining rooms SWITCHED PLACES.  It just made so much more sense this way! See what you think:

Isn’t the dining room so sweet?  The built-in cabinetry and custom divided light room divider (say that five times fast) make it feel really special and grounded, while the mid-century tulip table and pops of rattan help tie-in the island vibes that can be felt throughout the design.

And this kitchen?  I CAN’T EVEN. Make sure to read the KITCHEN INTENSIVE post from this episode because I don’t have time to get into all that right now, aside from calling your attention to the amazing and perfect BLUE KITCHEN CABINETS and how beautiful and soothing they are.

This living room has definitely become a Hidden Potential chart topper, and trust me, I get it.  That Caribbean Teal accent wall, the family photo gallery, the layers and layers of tropical colors and textures.  It just feels right. It feels true to the humans who live there. It feels like Ohana.

Until next time, party people!  I’ll just leave you with a few more modern Hawaiian inspo pics so you can really get your Aloha on.  And don’t forget to read the Shop the Look and Kitchen posts from this same episode!


  1. Melissa Cooper

    Favorite Reno of all. That exterior paint is beautiful. I live in Hawaii and would love to paint my exterior. Do you recommend any other lighter blues? I worry the dark color would make the house hot.

  2. Debbie B

    What material was used to create the accent wall? in the episode, Jasmine just said it was a wood panel… I like how thin it is and gives the wall great texture!!


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