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Ep 6: Come Sit With Me


Kicking-off the 2nd episode of Hidden Potential at the Built Custom Homes Warehouse! This is where it all happens.  The planning, design, and even the late night DIY projects that I (sometimes) con my family members into helping me with!

P.S. In case you missed this episode, you can watch it on iTunes HERE or on Amazon HERE.

After having their first child, Donald and Dina were ready to move from the city to the ‘burbs.  They purchased a home in a great neighborhood with an awesome yard and a ton of room to grow their family.  The problem was, every 4th house in the neighborhood looked EXACTLY the same, and the super 70’s cookie-cutter home didn’t reflect their family or their style.  

How cute are they?!?  Having no idea where to even start their renovation, they were relieved to hand the project over to me and my team.  With a $150,000 budget we got straight to work – and by work, I mean DEMO! As one of our larger renovations, I couldn’t wait to get started on this house.

Scott and Sean from SC Homes are my right-hand men when it comes to demo and they help get the houses completed on time.  We have to work fast – time is money on these projects.

We had some fun projects on this episode that my family members helped me with; including a DIY Faux Leather Bench with my Mother-in-Law, Betsy, and a huge custom table with my Sister-in-Law, Heather!

And did I mention there was A LOT of rain?!

Despite all the rain, we did manage to get the house done on time!  Fast forward through a ton of construction and it was time to show the homeowners their forever home.  This is always the most nerve-wracking part.

My favorite part of every reveal is seeing the excitement when the homeowners pull up to their “new” custom home.  In that moment, I experience so many emotions myself, I can hardly imagine how it feels for the homeowners who turned over full control of their build.

Luckily, they loved their home!

And since we don’t have nearly enough time on the show to share them all, here are some extra special details from this episode:

For the exterior, let’s talk left to right.

I started by completely changing the color of the house to SW 7048 Urbane Bronze.  Then, I added a modern pergola and poured concrete pavers to the exterior to take this home from super 70’s to modern-industrial.  I replaced the garage doors (thanks All County Garage Doors!) with sleek silver flush-modern steel doors.  

Another big change we made to the exterior was updating the front door.  Since we want pretty neutral on the rest of the house, I went with this 3-glass door from The Pelletier Company and painted it a fun pop of color in SW 7600 Bolero, Satin.

We dressed up the front door with a cute bench, pillows and front door mat.

Sources: Bench, Checkered Pillow, Doormat

After all the construction was over and the dust had settled, I felt like I wanted something really personal for the entry of the home.  When I first met Donald and Dina, they told me that they wanted their house to almost feel like a restaurant – ready to welcome anyone that wanted to stop by.  So I commissioned this beautiful “new vintage” sign from @phelpsmarquee to make the front of this house undeniably custom for this family.

Another way I made this house feel less 70’s and a lot more 2018, was by adding these sleek new exterior lights.

Source: Outdoor Sconce 

And lastly, to draw attention to the awesome new tree we planted in the front yard, we set up a little seating area so these homeowners can really use their front yard as much as their backyard.  They are new to the neighborhood after all!

Sources: Faux Houseplant, Outdoor Chair, Striped Pillow 

And finally, it was time to go inside!

The first thing the homeowners noticed was their new stairs!

We had to restructure the interior entrance by removing the terrazzo platform.  Nothing says funkadelic 70’s style quite like a tear-shaped tripping hazard. Next, we removed the section under the stairs to open up space, creating a floating staircase. Finally, we finished it off with OMBRÉ STAIRS!

For those of you who love a good DIY project, here’s the step-by-step on how to create your own ombré stairs.

To give these homeowners the open floor concept they dreamed of, we knew we needed to remove the wall that separated the entry and the kitchen. Unfortunately, once we opened up the walls, we discovered it was load-bearing and would require some type of structural support. Since the homeowners wanted their home to have a modern and industrial loft vibe, the exposed steel beams were PERFECT!

Although we needed to tweak our kitchen design to accommodate the addition of the structural beam, this is definitely one of the most unique kitchens I’ve ever designed.  Necessity really is the mother of invention! Once the indutrialiscious (new word alert!) beam was in place, I added some oversized glass pendants and leather counter stools to the mix and kept going from there.  Read the entire Ep 6: Kitchen-Come Sit With Me post for all the details of this kitchen.

The homeowners were so excited about every little detail of the design, even the vintage lockers, perfect for storing their daughter’s toys.

Next up…the living room.

Ok, in all fairness it’s the same fireplace, but it sure does feel new! By using ceramic tile, we were able to give this fireplace a major dose of character.  Fun Fact: these look like individual tiles but they’re actually large-format for easy installation.

Source: Ceramic Tile

Click here for the exact same tiles I used for the fireplace.  And the finishing touches included this leather couch, these rattan chairs, this mercury glass coffee table, and the finishing touch was this fireplace log holder from my shop.

Sources: Leather Couch, Wicker Chair, Coffee Table

And then it was off to the other side of the room!  Since the homeowners wanted to create a dining space that encouraged family game nights, and get-togethers with friends, I knew they needed a BIG table. To give them enough space, I was inspired to create a communal-style dining room concept. To make this dining room table totally unique, I knew I needed to do something different and enlisted the help of my super talented sister-in-Law, Heather Roth to help bring this project to life.

Using wood from a salvaged tree, we inset metal letters in the wood to spell out ‘sit with me’.

To finish the space, Betsy and I made “woven faux leather DIY benches” which were very similar to this A Beautiful Mess Tutorial.  We also added a beautiful rug, white metal chairs, and custom lights from Barnlight Electric.

Sources: Metal Dining Chair, Rug, Barn Light

And as far as details go, that’s about it!  These homeowners couldn’t have loved their house anymore.

And lastly, here are a few more behind the scenes photos!

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  1. Sylvia Dj

    Hi Jasmine, love your work! My 1987 built home has an almost identical layout and winder staircase (even a platform entryway). How did you manage to add so many steps to the staircase and eliminate the short steps within the same stairwell footprint? Were the stairs completely rebuilt ? Narrower steps? Taller risers?

    • Heather

      Hi Sylvia!

      If you look REALLY closely, you’ll notice that we eliminated the double front door in exchange for a single front door. This extra wall space gave us JUST enough room to add two additional steps to the staircase, allowing us to accommodate the removal of the entry platform while still maintaining the stair measurements and proper rise ratios required by city code.

  2. Ângela Perotti

    Olá Jasmine!
    Sou sua fã e adoro assistir seus programas de reformas. Esse episódio foi um dos que mais gostei! Lindo!!
    Você já fez algum projeto para moradores que queriam uma decoração italiana, estilo casa da Toscana? Meu marido é de família italiana e queríamos inspiração neste estilo de decoração.
    Grande abraço do Brasil e muito sucesso pra você e sua família!!


    Hello Jasmine!!….l love tour show! As a mattee un fact I love You!….i’m mexican si l know you don’t use that term like that..but I love your style and desings….I live un Tijuana maybe one day I go yo your studio for a recomendation….

  4. Rod Ralph

    Hi Jasmine
    Can you tell us what colors you used for the ombre stairs? They look awesome and we would love to try that look in our home. Thanks!!

  5. Helen

    Hi Jasmine, I loved this episode and have earmarked some things for my future home. I was curious about the table (love the huge size). Was the wood slab the same one as was shown in your visit to you sister-in-laws studio? They don’t look the same in appearance and size. It’s always fun to know and also to be aware that for a show you have time constraints of what you can show, but in real life things happen to great plans.

  6. Gretchen

    Hi Design Team!
    We have always loved this episode specifically the exterior! We are ready to update our 1987 exterior this spring. The entry walkway pillars are awesome. Currently we don’t have anything like it, so we are curious how we would go about adding these to our entry. How would we attach to the house, connect at the joints, then into the ground?


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