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Ep 4: Kitchen – Love Letters

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For the full story and design of this house (including the exterior) please see the “As Seen on HGTV” Ep 4: Love Letters post.

Designing this kitchen for Daniel and Jessica was a real challenge, because I wanted to fit SO MANY cool ideas into a very limited space.  If you haven’t seen this episode already you really should check it out in order to feel the full and awesome effects of this transformative remodel. You can watch it on iTunes HERE and on Amazon HERE.

Here’s a pic to remind you of what the kitchen looked like when I first arrived.

Let me point out a few things.  First, how many different appliances do you see on the countertops?  Right away, that tells me the homeowners are suffering from a major lack of storage.  Next, since when should your kitchen floor exactly match your kitchen counters? Answer: since never. Lastly, where are you supposed to prep food?  There is not a single inch of open counter space available. And Daniel and Jessica’s twin daughters love to cook. It was time to give this little kitchen a whole lotta love.

I knew the homeowners wanted a space for their family of five to share in cooking, baking, and meal times together.  I put together a design board and saved all the items to this PINTEREST BOARD.

With this design board as my guide, I started my mission to make this space into Daniel and Jessica’s dream kitchen. Let me walk you through the details, starting from the ground up.

FLOORS: I chose a warm brown hardwood, installed by SC Flooring Services.

CABINETS: Simple, timeless shaker style cabinets by Superior Restoration are painted in Sherwin William Pure White. The brass cabinet pulls are the perfect pop of shine.

COUNTERS: The clean, white quartz counters on the perimeter cabinets are warmed up by, and juxtapose perfectly with, the butcher block counter used on the custom island.

BACKSPLASH: Are you guys DYING over this cement, mosaic backsplash tile? I know I am! #obsessed.

APPLIANCES: This suite of stainless appliances is so killer. I am fully expecting a dinner invitation from these homeowners once all the dust settles.

Sources: Range, Hood, Dishwasher, Refrigerator

PLUMBING: There are so many options out there these days, but you’ll notice I stay within a pretty specific lane in regards to keeping most of the permanent design fixtures timeless and classic. Here, I used a chrome faucet and a white apron-front sink.

LIGHTING: Again, keeping it classy and timeless. You don’t want to be sick of your trendy light fixture after just a few years. This glass globe pendant will never go out of style.

FINISHING TOUCHES: And now, for the fun part: accessorizing! (To be honest, I’m terrible with this in regards to personal fashion, but let me loose on a kitchen, and you’d better watch out!)

And, since we added a Butler’s Pantry (which is kind of like another, mini-kitchen) for more storage, I’ll give you a quick source list for that, too.

Could this room BE any CUTER? The answer is no. It couldn’t possibly.

Butler’s Pantry Source List:

This kitchen had SO MUCH hidden potential, but it can be hard to see that through the blur of raising three kids, and just the day to day chaos we all experience. I’m so happy Daniel and Jessica invited me into their home and their lives, and allowed me to help create a beautiful, functional space that they can all enjoy together as a family for many years to come.

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  1. Andrea

    Jasmine, I LOVE the place settings you did for the kids! I would like to do that for my twins. Did you use butcher block cutting boards? What did you use for the kids names? Thank you!!


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