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Ep. 2: Keeping it in The Family


Hi all! I’d like to introduce you to Lucas and Amanda.  They live in the same house that Lucas grew up in, and love the neighborhood, their neighbors, and the sense of history and all the memories that come with being the second family generation to live in a home.

The only problem is: the house is no longer suited to the family who lives in it.

If you haven’t seen this episode yet, you can watch it on iTunes HERE and on Amazon HERE.  It’s a really good one, plus, how CUTE are these two?

Lucas and Amanda were ready to start a family, but couldn’t, in good conscience, bring a baby into a house where the floors were rotted, the garage door was falling apart, and the closed-off floor plan was not conducive to modern family living.

In steps the Hidden Potential Team, and with a $90,000 budget, we hatched a plan to keep this home in the family, while updating it with its new generation of owners in mind.

On demo day, our morning meeting began in the most ordinary of morning meeting places: the tailgate of a pickup truck.

With all our big plans laid out, we got to work. Here’s a list of all the special projects we had to tackle:

  1. Replace garage door
  2. Fix The Door to Nowhere
  3. Create a front yard outdoor living space
  4. Remove wall between kitchen and living areas
  5. Total kitchen overhaul
  6. Expandable kitchen island
  7. Install cohesive flooring throughout interior
  8. Pantry facelift
  9. Powder room re-do
  10. Sentimental art piece

I might be missing a few, but that alone is enough to make your eyes cross.  You won’t believe everything we accomplished in 6 weeks, finishing up JUST IN TIME to welcome the anxious couple back to their new home.  With the additional pressure of a lifetime of memories on the line, I was AT LEAST as anxious as they were for the final reveal.

Thankfully, they were as pleased with the final outcome as I was.  Let me walk you through all the changes we made, starting with the exterior.

1) Landscaping:  Alongside Modern Concepts Landscaping, we removed the big, dead tree that was obscuring the entire front of the home, added fresh new plants, and replaced the patchy, scratchy old grass.

2) Garage Door:  We replaced the old garage door with a steel, wood-look flat panel door custom made by George at All County Garage Doors. And, BONUS, not only does it look great but it’s actually operable now!  A fresh coat of exterior paint and some bold, new house numbers finish off this portion of the house nicely.

Sources: Exterior Paint Color, Brick Color


3) Entry Way:  We created a more inviting front entry with the addition of a new front door  (Color:  Dunn Edwards Rubber Ducky), door hardware, mailbox, and entry light.  Adjacent to the entry, we removed the planter and added an oversized wooden step to make the former Door to Nowhere both functional and inviting.


4) Outdoor Living:  We added an outdoor dining area and custom privacy fence that can be opened or closed depending on your mood.

Here’s one more exterior Before and After for you before we move inside:


Now it’s time to put that cheeky yellow front door to good use and check out the INTERIOR!

The first things you notice right away when walking in the front door are 1.) the new open concept! and 2.) the cohesive wood flooring we added throughout.  With these two changes alone, it felt like a whole new, lighter and brighter home.  But that is just the BEGINNING!!  Let’s walk through all the rooms together.

Dining Room

The changes to the dining room were mostly cosmetic, with the OBVIOUS star of the room being the antique glass-top pantry door.  Changing the scale and layout of the furniture also had a huge impact on the flow of the space.



We took this powder bath from sketchy to swanky with a new console, countertops, and, well, new everything else, too.  And here’s a question for you:  why doesn’t EVERYONE hang a piece of cool art over the toilet?  It can instantly elevate the room and take it from overlooked to “look at me” status.

Cabinet Color: Sherwin Williams Black Magic | Original Art: Heather Roth | Countertops: Quartz, Arctic White



Living Room


Wow. Can you believe that removing that one little wall brought so much more light and energy into this new space?  The requisite black leather bachelor behemoth of a sectional HAD to go.  With our brand new, wide-open living space, we played off the colors in this original Steve Adam’s painting to create some seriously modern, airy, beach vibes.


Don’t EVEN get me started.  This kitchen needs a post ALL its own.  Make sure to read about it here, on the Ep. 2: Kitchen – Keeping It in The Family blog post.  Here’s a little picture to whet your kitchen-envy appetite.

That’s all for now!  We’re so honored to have helped Amanda and Lucas keep this home in the family, this family in the home, and to help them recognize its full, hidden potential!


  1. kim

    Where did you get the pantry door? I love it.

    • Jasmine

      Thanks! The pantry door is from the Long Beach Antique Market 🙂

  2. Vanessa

    Hi Jasmine I love your segment here in South Africa, I wanted to know what wood you used for the fence would like to make one.. i love it..

  3. Nikki

    What is the model and brand of the vanity used in the bathroom?

  4. Jennifer Graham

    Where can i find more pics of the kitchen, I love it and would like to do something similar at my house.


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