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Ep. 14: Family Nap Zone


Holy Guacamole, you guys!!! This is the final blog post for the final episode of Season One of HGTV’s Hidden Potential. The last of fourteen houses we featured on TV and then again, in more detail, here on the blog. Fourteen! I mean, that is a lot of houses, right?! And I won’t even get into the Season Two amazingness right now because, well, first things first.

This house may have come at the end of the season when people were mentally and physically exhausted, but the end of the season also comes with experience and team camaraderie and a light at the end of the TV tunnel that is just almost within reach. Which means some pretty amazing stuff came together for this house.

If you need to catch up on this episode, you can watch it on iTunes HERE and on Amazon HERE. And for a post dedicated exclusively to the kitchen and adjacent den in this home, click HERE.

If you’re looking for details, before and after photos, behind the scenes secrets, and spot-on shopping links, then read on, good friend. You are in the right place.

First, let’s meet Jesse and Meghan:

They’re really adorable, I know!

Here’s a quick overview of their project:

The Home Owners: Jesse & Meghan

The Budget: $165,000

The DL: This young family purchased this house and have yet to move in. The house was the right price in the right location, but needed a ton of help to get it to where the owners would feel at home raising their new daughter and building a life inside its walls. As it stood, the dated interior and unremarkable exterior did nothing to represent the family planning to live there.

The Plan: Customize the house to this family’s interests, tastes, and lifestyle by maximizing square footage, defining spaces, and adding lots of personality to the design.

This was a really big project, one of the largest we took on this season. The budget was large, the demo was large, and the results were awesome. We pulled out all the big guns for this final episode, and I called in family favors all around.

As always, the design started with a Pinterest Board, and a carefully considered color story.


For those of you who don’t know, downtown Huntington Beach is a front porch community. People hang out, socialize, and watch the world go by from their front patios. The old floor plan, with its closed off and uninviting front landing, did nothing to accommodate this part of life that makes living in downtown HB so special. One of the largest and most expensive tasks in this project was to re-work the front yard into a usable and friendly space for the homeowners to spend their time, and I would say the results were well worth the effort!

Next up, we wanted to personalize the front entry.

My sister-in-law, Heather Roth, helped design and build a custom front door using oak wood reclaimed from wine barrels in Napa. The chevron pattern, modern hardware, and layered entry matts all help to modernize and personalize this space that goes a long way in impacting someone’s first impression of the home.

Shop front entry and patio accessories and decor:

Dining Room

The homeowners, admittedly, were uncertain of what to do with this space when they purchased the home. A handmade rope wall helps to divide and define the space, which offers the perfect amount of room to entertain just adjacent to the kitchen.

And don’t forget the Family Music Nook just opposite the dining area, complete with disco ball, turntable, and record collection:

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the HUGE impact that redoing the staircase had on the entire front room.

Shop dining room accessories and decor:

Living Room

The homeowners wanted the living room to feel cozy and inviting. By removing the chimney and opening the front wall out onto the patio, the room instantly felt brighter and more accessible.

Custom wedding vows, one-of-a-kind beach art, and the cutest ever wooden bassinet round off the room into a super-personal and welcoming space full of character and warmth.

Shop living room accessories and decor:

Courtyard, AKA Family Nap Zone

Jeff and Meghan have a new baby, which means that Jeff and Meghan are very, very tired, all of the time. Naps have become an integral and much revered part of their day, so turning the center courtyard into a safe, soothing, and private space with room for the whole family to snooze seemed like a no-brainer.

A custom daybed, courtesy of Girelli Designs, no-maintenance turf, vintage surfboards, and lots and lots of pillows make this an inviting space to play, converse, read, or…you guessed it: nap!

Shop Family Nap Zone accessories and decor:

And there you have it! The final reveal of Season One, complete. Almost. We still have to talk about the kitchen. You can read all about this killer chef’s kitchen and adjacent den in the Ep. 14: Kitchen and Den – Family Nap Zone Post HERE.

In closing, I have to thank you SO MUCH for following along on my Season One journey. It’s hard to imagine, because I put my absolute ALL into the first season, laid it all on the line, ate, breathed, and slept Season One, but YOU GUYS. Season Two is almost like a whole different show, full of so many more transformations and beautiful families and wonderful stories and spaces and design. I can’t wait to share it with you! It premieres June 3, at 9:00 PST on HGTV and features TWO EPISODES, back to back. I hope you’ll continue to share this amazing adventure with me as we take on SEVENTEEN more houses in my neighborhood.


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