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Ep. 13: Grandpa Would Have Loved This


Do you guys remember this amazing #masculineboho renovation? Here’s a little Before and After to jog your memory:

You can watch the full episode on iTunes HERE and on Amazon HERE.

Let me break it down for you real quick:

The Home Owners: Joanna & Dave
The Budget: $85,000
The DL: Joanna’s grandparents were this home’s original owners. Joanna and Dave purchased the house in order to keep it in the family, but have yet to put their own stamp on it. Also, it looks just like every other house in the neighborhood!
The Plan: Make this home work for, and representative of, its next generation of homeowners by updating the rooflines, construction design, and floorplan.
The Hashtag: #masculineboho

Let’s go! As soon as Joanna and Dave vacated the premises, we got right to work, knocking down walls, partaking in an exclusive local craft-honey tasting, and having a little too much fun with some heavy machinery.

Of course it’s not all fun and games. In the pic below, I’d like to demonstrate for you what I like to call my Four Thousand Dollar Scowl. Yup. This is how I look when I have to call the homeowners and tell them there is $4000 worth of fire damage behind the walls that is unaccounted for in their budget. Yikes!

The home owners made the right decision, to properly remediate the damage, and the show must go on! Breezeblock delivery, build-site shenanigans, and Brian Polan, cabinet maker extraordinaire, all helped to move the project along at a blistering pace.

In no time at all, I was racing around like a crazy person (what’s new?), putting the finishing touches on the design and anxiously awaiting the homeowners’ arrival.

And then it was time for the big reveal. These are the moments that make all the hard work, late nights, and REALLY, disgustingly early mornings worth it.

Let’s go through all the details we worked in to really set this home apart from all the others in the neighborhood, starting with the exterior design.

As you can see from the Before and After photo above, we removed a big chunk of the heavy roofline, which immediately opened up the front yard and created an inviting entryway and front patio area.

The breezeblock wall offers just enough privacy, while also feeling bright, open and inviting. Did someone say neighborhood cocktail hour here, this Friday? Count me in!

Check out the custom detailing on the front gate. Since this triangular design came straight out of my head and into reality, I doubt anyone else in the neighborhood will have one like it. And can we take a minute to crush on this breezeblock wall from the outside perspective? It’s so perfect for this #masculineboho look, with the stone material feeling strong and masculine and the boho vibes coming from the mid-century, trippy geometric pattern. Love, love, LOVE!

Now, if this isn’t the very picture of inviting, I don’t know what is. If a front patio could talk, this one would be saying, “Welcome, welcome! Come inside!” Don’t mind if we do!

First, though, I want to show you the color story for this home. I probably used more color in this home than any other on Season 1 of Hidden Potential. The homeowners were young, fun, and vibrant, and I wanted the design to reflect that. Check it out:

You can see that, even though there are several very different and very bold colors here, they all fall into a well defined color palette that feels warm and inviting and kind of swanky. Kind of #masculineboho, if you will.

INSIDE, I’ll walk you through the Living Room, Dining Room, Office and Staircase. The kitchen gets a post of its own because, well, you know how kitchens can be. (Small kitchens, big egos.) You can read the kitchen specific Ep. 13: Kitchen – Grandpa Would Have Loved This post here.

Living Room

Do you remember how you used to have to enter the main seating area BEFORE?

It was dangerous and unnatural. I think I pulled my hamstring when I tried it myself. No joke. An immediate solution was required. First of all, we brought in TONS of greenery. Plants galore! Did that help my hamstring? No, but it sure did brighten up the room! Any boho-leaning design is loaded with living, breathing, oxygen producing plants and this #maculineboho does not disappoint.

Next, too prevent further injuries, we reconfigured the living room, making it possible to walk from one side of the room to the other without having to perform any feats of flexible ingenuity.

There is still seating for 7, but there is also space to move around, and a greater diversity of fabric textures and patterns. (Those oversized, bland colored sectionals are like the sweatpants of the sofa world; Comfortable? Yes. Attractive, Nope.) Now here’s the question of the hour: Would you put a green velvet sofa in your living room? If I know you at all, and I think I do, then the answer is a big, fat, anti-sweats stance of a YES.

Shop this #masculineboho living room here:

Dining Room

This dining room feels so calm and intimate. Even the high chair gets a dose of the #masculineboho treatment with its clean, natural wood lines and chic faux throw. And did you check out the ceiling? It’s GREEN!

A neutral color palette with pops of living color and lots of organic texture make entertaining guests, or just eating take-out a treat.

Shop this #masculineboho dining room here:


Oh, this lovely office.

Similar to the previous rooms, we purged the brown on brown aesthetic, removing the majority of the heavy wooden and brown leather pieces. The custom Balinese carved wooden art – turned bookcase barn door is certainly the sentimental show-stopper now, but if you look around there are so many little details that combine into something greater than the sum of their parts. Cowhide chairs, golden faux skull, driftwood planter, large scale Woodsnap photo prints, and all that custom cabinetry. Sigh. What a great place to meet with clients, pay the bills, or even hunker down with a good book.

Shop this #masculineboho office here:


First things first, this staircase HAD to be brought up to code. Immediately. Having no bannister is dangerous for adults, but bring a baby into the mix and…fixing it was my TOP priority. Once we’d added both a handrail and a cool, mid-century inspired bannister, we got to have some fun with one of my favorite, and often one of the most neglected, spaces in clients’ homes: the area under the stairs.

Before, it was acting as a catch-all, storage, display, toy parking area. We removed the clutter and gave the new space a dedicated purpose: KID ZONE, complete with a custom wall-mural, mood lighting, and plenty of toy storage. Creating a dedicated area for the kiddos allowed us to rezone the living room into a more sophisticated living area while providing ample storage and play space within arm’s reach of the grownups. And, there are no acrobatics required to enter either area. Hamstrings rejoice!

IN CLOSING, there are so many gorgeous photos from this home that I could go on forever, but you can watch the episode, and read this related Kitchen blog episode for more details. (Ep. 13: KITCHEN – Grandpa would have Loved This.)

The bottom line is: the family loves it, and are living happily now in this beautiful new space. We hope we made Grandpa proud, and we know his granddaughter and her young family are thrilled to see his legacy live on in the walls and under the roof of this most essential of human necessities: a safe place to call your own. A home. Grandpa would have loved this.


  1. Linda G

    I’m in love with your style and use of color. Inspiring!

    • Jasmine

      Thank you so much Linda

  2. Tavia

    I love your show so much. I love this green couch in this episode. Where can I find it?


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