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Ep. 10: Goodbye My Pretty


Hey, hey!  Time for the super hot DISH on all the sources, specs, and secrets behind another episode of my HGTV series, Hidden Potential.  I always love writing these posts because I get to take the time and go back through each design, reflecting on what worked, touching base with the families to see how they are doing, and generally just taking a MINUTE, of which there are absolutely NONE to spare during filming, to enjoy the individual process and end results of each project.

On THIS episode, Scott, Sean and I start out the show in my warehouse (which, by the way, is a LEGIT, industrial warehouse), to meet and discuss how to differentiate yet another cookie-cutter home. If you missed this episode, or just want to watch it again (and again!), you can catch it on iTunes HERE and on Amazon HERE.

When discussing each project, we begin by discussing the homeowners themselves. Meet Scott and Randi. The three words I would use to describe them are:

1.) Delightful

2.) Fun

3.) Unique

The three words I would use to describe their home are:

1.) Blah

2.) Blah

3.) Blah

Not only is it the EXACT same house as every other house in the neighborhood, down to sharing the exact same floor plan, but the colors, design, and overgrown landscaping do NOTHING to describe the young, vibrant family who lives inside.

So, with $100,000 in our budget, and with Scott, Randi, their two children (and a baby on the way!) and their three dogs in mind, we booted them out and started tearing things apart!!  But first, I had to find the front door…

On demo day, we found that the homeowners had left little notes for us around the house.

I was SO excited to learn that this family had three dogs because I’m kind of a dog cave aficionado. #ifidosaysomyself

These six-week renos really do take a village, and I brought in all the big guns for this one: Brian with B and D Cabinets, Micah with Girelli Designs, and Candi with Urban Wall Design, to name a few.

And then we had to tackle the staircase. That big, strange, eye-sore of a staircase. Since we couldn’t relocate the stairs, I had to try and find a way to work them into the design. So, I decided to:

1.) Add a solar tube to let in natural light.

2.) Remove the rounded corners from the first step to modernize the lines.

3.) Switch out the strangely ornate, wrought-iron banister for a modern, glass and wood railing.

4.) Add custom, copper risers. (Watch the DIY video on how to distress your very own copper risers here.) 

And, voila! Time to put the finishing touches on the design and welcome Scott and Randi back to their new home. Easy, peasy!

Time for the big reveal!

Either way, it’s go time!

Now, let’s check out the before and after of the exterior:

Let me walk you through all the changes, starting with the siding.

Before, we were working with a drab, brown, outdated stucco. Now, check us out. We’ve got 1.) white washed brick, 2.) board and batten, and 3.) a freshly painted house. AND, 4.) you can actually SEE all of the lovely new siding because we got rid of the overgrown jungle that used to overwhelm the entire front of the home.

Because of all the different materials, we kept our color scheme really simple:

We tore out the front planter and overgrown landscaping, and added a cheerful new patio in their place.

We added a custom made, reclaimed wood window shutter on a barn door track to hint at other industrial accents found throughout the design.

A fresh coat of paint for the fence and garage door help to make the exterior look fresh, clean and well cared for.

The pop of red on the front door is like the cherry on top of our exterior sundae!

Okay, time to check out the inside!! Let’s just go for it and do a before and after marathon here, because I think we can all agree that a solid before and after is like a good 90 minute Swedish massage for the aesthetic soul. Dim the lights and cue the soft zen Mu-zak.

Here’s the dining room-turned-coffee workstation:

(And look at these cuties…)

Here, we took the dead zone outside of the oddly placed pantry door and turned it into a cozy dining area for this soon-to-be family of five:

In the living room, we ditched the fireplace (which was not only in a terrible location, but was also the oddest combination of materials and design that I have ever seen) and added a TON of beautiful, custom, built-in storage:


On the other side of the living room, we created a calm and sophisticated space for the family by designating a special play zone just off the living area that is actually a joy to look at AND play in.


And then, the dreaded stairs turned out to be delightful, thanks to a solar tube, updated railings, stair treads that match the rest of the house’s flooring, and custom copper risers.

Sources: Custom Copper Risers DIY Video

Now to recap:

Before, nothing in this house went together or made any sense. From the arched, traditionally tiled fireplace to the scrolled banister to the jungle landscape, there was no continuity or consideration to the design.

After, the house makes sense, and not just design sense, but sense for this family. There is room for the grown ups, the kiddos, the dogs, and all of their stuff.  There is space for their lives, their passions (hello, coffee machine), and their dreams. After, their house is no longer hanging over their heads, as the episode title suggests. The twister has passed, the witch is dead, and their wish to return home has been granted.


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