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Coffee Bar Faves That Stepped Up My Quarantine Barista Game


HGTV Jasmine Roth's Coffee Bar Faves during quarantine

Alright guys, I need to let you all know about all my coffee bar faves that have been getting me through the days!  Because I don’t know about you guys, but on day 120-something (I think we all stopped counting!) of quarantine, our at-home coffee game is STRONG. And I’m not just talkin’ about the caffeine levels!

Jasmine Roth's Coffee Bar Set Up

Being home all the time inspired Brett and me to really put some thought into our home coffee bar setup. And we all know how necessary coffee is while working from home. Now that we’re our own baristas, we’ve taken our coffee gear from “this is a coffee pot that works okay” to a full-blown assembly of coffee machines and tools to give us an amazing cup of Joe in the comfort of our own kitchen.

It’s the little things that make you smile on countless days of “the same,” especially when you can’t really go anywhere. So going the extra mile to get new, pretty coffee mugs and a satisfying coffee scoop helps to set this happy daily ritual and kick the day off right. And yes, we stocked up on new travel mugs even in quarantine, because any new parent knows that you need coffee ‘round the clock, but your cup ends up cold because you run off to feed the baby, wash some bottles, and so on. I’ll take 5 travel mugs please, and station them around the house so we have a hot cup waiting for us anywhere we turn (kidding)! I wanted to share all my fave coffee finds that have helped us with our coffee experience at home – I hope you find something you like for your own favorite drinks!

Coffee Bar Faves That Stepped up My Quarantine Barista Game

Galley Coasters

If you’re drinking iced coffee (hello, it’s HOT here in Huntington Beach right now), a coaster is a must.  I just added these to my Shop and I’m obsessed!

Galley Coasters from Jasmine Roth's ShopGalley Coasters

Smeg Coffee Maker

Form and function right here!  Super cute and makes a super great cup.

Smeg Coffee Maker in Black

Smeg Coffee Maker

Browning Mugs

More Shop goodies!  I love that these look like treasured ceramics on my open shelves when they’re not in use.

Browning MugsBrown ceramic mugs from Jasmine Roth's Shop for coffee

Coffee Clip & Scoop

This gadget is so cool!  I love that it can clip onto things – like a bag of coffee beans.

Coffee Clip & ScoopSilver coffee scooper that Jasmine Roth uses

Cliffside Board

Cool cutting boards are great for styling your little coffee bar area!  Make your kitchen feel like your favorite hip coffee shop – you deserve it.

Cliffside cutting board for the coffee bar

Cliffside Cutting Board

Pour Over Coffee

If you’re into the pour-over game, these also look super pretty on shelves or countertops when not in use.

Pour Over Coffee MakerPour over coffee that Jasmine Roth uses

Bamboo Straws

Environmentally friendly straws so you can sip that iced coffee or chai!

Bamboo Strawsbamboo straws for iced coffee

 Bates Tray

Grab a tray to corral all your coffee gear.  It makes all the difference.

Bates tray that is one of Jasmine Roth's Coffee Bar FavesBates Tray

Date Sweetener

This syrup is the perfect addition if you want to spice up your coffee routine!

just date syrup used for coffeeDate Syrup Sweetener

Travel Mug

Yes, even in quarantine we still leave the house sometimes (or even just to the patio).

Black speckled travel mug for coffeeTravel Mug

Milk Frother

Hey, fancy barista! Nice milk frother!

Milk frother for coffeeMilk Frother

Coffee Print

I can’t stop laughing over this print! Sums up my house (and newborn baby life) perfectly.

Coffee print Coffee Print

Some Inspo for Your At-Home Coffee Bar

Jasmine Roth's Coffe Bar Faves with ceramic mugs

Inspiration for your coffee bar from Jasmine Roth

Large ceramic decorative plate for coffee bar

Honey sticks and coffee beans for coffee bar


  1. Teresinha

    Acho lindo !E gosto muito das suas reformas,assisto os seus programas!Parabéns!

  2. Michael Cuff

    I live all ur suggestions. Definitely a saver…if I had more room in the kitchen, I’d would have something like ur coffee station!❤️

  3. Meredith

    Love the coffee nook! – we made one last year when renovating our kitchen and it’s my fav part of the kitchen. I have what looks like the same coffee machine – that being the case why do you use a milk frother when you have the best steam wand in the business to froth your milk? Is it for the pour over? Btw – sending you loads of support and understanding. The first few month of being a mum are utterly exhausting and we still end up doing way more than we should. This time flys so make sure you down tools and spend quality time as it’s gone in the blink of an eye.

  4. Soraya

    Beautiful coffee nook! I’ll take your whole coffee spot as inspiration for my own, once my new kitchen is being installed in the beginning of November.

    Question, is the SMEG coffee maker really all it claims to be? I’m considering buying it, but would hate to be disappointed 🙂


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