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5 Clever Quarantine Activities & Playtime Ideas For Kids


This strange time right now has forced a lot of us to get creative with quarantine activities while at home, especially if you have kids!  A lot of my friends and family are now in the fifth week of #stayathome orders, which means they’re in the fifth week of trying to keep the kids entertained.  So I instantly turned to some of my favorite past projects for kids.  I specifically try to create these kids projects to be seamless in a home’s overall design.  Not only does it make the home more functional, but at the end of the day, their kid stuff is tucked neatly away.  Now who doesn’t want that?!

And as you know, my HGTV show is called Hidden Potential. So, I’m all about that special hidden element that just takes functionality to the next level.  Plus, things that fold into walls or floors and disappear are just cool (and kids love cool stuff).

If you’re at home spinning your wheels, the kids think all their toys are boring now or you’re just ready to take on a fun DIY project, I hope these clever quarantine activities spark some awesome playtime.  Whether you actually grab a screw gun and make something new, or just gain some inspiration to pull off these projects on a more minimal level, we’ve got you covered.  Let’s binge-watch some Hidden Potential and get some creative ideas flowin’ shall we?!

My Favorite Clever Quarantine Activities To Recreate

1. Turn Your Art Into a Fort

This project is from Season 1, Episode 3, “From Woeful to Whimsical” and it’s still one of my favorite kids projects I’ve ever done!  This is made to look like two wooden art pieces. But when folded out, the bottom piece becomes a cool little fort.  This project is super doable to recreate at home if you’re not afraid to use a screw gun!

Looking to not screw anything into your walls?  Show your kids how to make an EPIC fort (don’t tell me you didn’t make at least one as a kid).  Challenge your friends and have everyone share their fort pictures to see who made the best fort.  Or just set up a camping tent in the living room!  A fort is a fort to a kid – it’s fun no matter what!

Waffle Weave Throw Blanket // Black & White Pillow Sham // Ostrich Stuffed Animal // Etched Wooden Blocks // Ballerina Throw Pillow

2. Create A Hidden Art Station

One of my favorite quarantine activities? Arts & Crafts! Season 2, Episode 11 “It’s My Dream Home Now” features a project I’m totally going to do for my own kid (when she’s old enough)!  This gallery wall holds hidden art stations that fold down from wall-mounted desks. This is also pretty easy to do yourself at home.  There are lots of options to find online as far as wall-mounted desks go.

Depending on the look you choose, you could affix a framed artwork flush to the front of the desk (the part that folds down) with some heavy-duty glue.  If you don’t want to take on a project quite that permanent, you could still create a special art spot in your house for your kids by purchasing an easel and organizing a cute little station with fun supplies.  It will also keep all the crayons and glue and bits of paper from taking over your dining table – win-win!

Colored Pencils // Elmer’s Glitter Glue // Chalkboard & Easel // Washable Markers // Washable Paint // Stamp Ink // Wooden Stamps // Glitter Set

3. Build A Hidden Sand Box

Yep, I’m comin’ atcha with another awesome hidden solution!  In Season 2, Episode 8, “You Guys Need a Retreat,” we put this cute little secret sandbox into the home’s front patio decking. If you’re pretty handy, you may be watching this episode back thinking you might be able to pull this off yourself (go for it!). But if you’re looking for a quick and simple way to bring some sand time to your kids, putting a small standalone sandbox on your patio or in your yard would really break up the day-to-day for them.

And maybe you have a huge bucket and fill that with sand instead?!  The idea is to make it work within your own home to bring some fun (and new) playtime options to your little ones. Plus if you close your eyes and dip your toes in the sand and focus hard enough, maybe, just maybe you’ll feel like you’re at the beach for a hot second!

Sandbox // Play Sand // Beach Bucket & Tools // Glitter Unicorn Chalk // Washable Chalk // Butterfly Net

4. Create A Game Board Coffee Table

One of the easiest quarantine activities is playing games! In Season 2, Episode 4, “Fence Bench,” I found an awesome vintage game table and repurposed it as a coffee table! We made custom notches in the table to fit stools inside so the family can pull up a seat and play a game together whenever they want. Now in case you don’t have a vintage game board lying around and you can’t go out and thrift for one, there are two other ways you can achieve something similar at home.

1. Hand paint or stencil a game board design onto an existing coffee table (or a cool old coffee table you order off of Etsy). And voila, you have your own Game Board Coffee Table!

2. Similar to the Art Station idea, you can set up a spot in your home and designate it as the special “Game Table.” Make a big event about it – plan the games in advance and have delicious snacks ready! No matter the level of DIY involved, taking a family activity and making special time with the kids is what we’re going for here.

7-in-1 Game Set // Vintage “Easy Money” Board Game // Tic Tac Toe Set // Wooden Marble Game Set // Vintage “Sorry” Board Game

5. Make Easily Changeable Art Frames

This idea is also from Season 1, Episode 3 “From Woeful to Whimsical” (it’s an oldie but a goodie!). It’s such an easy way to incorporate your kiddos’ constantly growing collection of completed artwork. Chances are there have been a LOT of coloring/painting/craft projects going on at home lately. Maybe now, you want to showcase your kids’ art in a way that feels a little more special than throwing it up on the fridge with a magnet. These frames were made to easily slot art in and out, so the frames can be placed on the wall but the contents can change whenever you please. Your little Picasso will love seeing you take pride in their work!

Easy Change Artwork Frame // White Children’s Artwork Frame

What other quarantine activities have you come up with in your home?! Let me know, I’m always looking for more ideas!

And if you’re ready to binge-watch Hidden Potential now, it’s available for FREE on the HGTV app, and also now on Hulu. You can also buy episodes on iTunes and Amazon. Have fun watching!


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