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Cement Stencil DIY: 5 Million People Need to Know!


When I saw this video clip had over 5 million views on HGTV’s Instagram account, I knew I had to write a quick post sharing the simple details of this awesome DIY project. It’s so easy (REALLY!), and don’t limit yourself to a cement walkway. Think stair risers, coffee table, backsplash…I could go on and on.

All you need to get started are these few items:

Cement Stencil DIY

  1. Tile-look Stencil (we used the 6” ATHENA – MODERN TILE STENCIL from
  2. Chalk Paint (So, there are a million and one imitators out there, yes, but we still stand by the original, Annie Sloane Chalk Paint.)
  3. Stencil Brush (Again, we like the OG stand-by; Annie Sloane knows what works.)
  4. Plastic Gloves (Not totally necessary, unless you just had your nails done, in which case: totally necessary.)

Next, make sure your surface is CLEAN and DRY.

And now, stencil away to your heart’s content! I’ve stenciled entire patios before, and it can be really laborious, but the results are so stellar, and for a fraction of the cost of installing real tile.

So, that’s it. Time to get your stencil on. And make sure to share your results! I’d love to see. Just tag me on instagram @jasminerothofficial and include the hashtag #myjasminerothstyle.


  1. Heather

    Does this need to be sealed??

    • The Blog by JR

      Yes, a clear, matte cement sealer would be ideal.

  2. Cecilia

    I love this idea! I have a question on durability- will it stand up to rain, being walked on? What about power washing? I want to do this to my patio!

    • The Blog by JR

      Yes, yes, and yes! Chalk paint is super durable, and we did a clear coat of concrete sealer over the top for an added layer of protection. This stencil would look so awesome on a patio. Best of luck! Send pics of the finished product, or tag us on instagram, #myjasminerothstyle

  3. Joyce Selbe

    Hi Jasmine what color did you use or do they have different colors do they have these supplies at any hobby store?


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