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BTS Pioneer Woman


To say that I had a fun time filming A Very Brady Special with The Pioneer Woman host, Ree Drummond, is an understatement of far-out proportions. This lady is fun, funny, and dude, she can COOK!

I might have been fan-girling just a little bit (okay, maybe a lot), since I am a Food Network fanatic. Brett and I watch this network, and Ree’s show, all the time. And to see her cooking in the newly renovated Brady kitchen was nothing short of surreal.

I just want to share with you all of the groovy goodness that went on behind the scenes that day.

First, off, I had to decide what to wear. No surprises that I went with the standard jeans and t-shirt combo.

Next, I got to meet Ree. She, the Olive Cheese Balls, and I all hit it off immediately.

Then, we got to sit down for dinner at the Brady dining table. Talk about bizarre!! I felt like there should be a laugh track going off during our meal, and kept looking for Alice to walk in through the kitchen door at any moment, carrying the pie. Luckily, we had no problem helping ourselves to all the food, which included the following:

Sticky Pork and Apple Slaw

Greg’s Groovy Green Beans

Marcia-Mallow Pie


After dinner, we played a few fun games, including a 1970’s Price Quiz (I lost), and Love It or Leave It focusing on all things 70s, including tie die (love it) and canned ham (leave it).

What an awesome day. If you ever get a chance to hang with Ree, DO NOT turn it down. Good food, good company, good times! Here are a few more photos from this day that I will always remember.

BTS Pioneer Woman

BTS Pioneer Woman
BTS Pioneer Woman
BTS Pioneer Woman
BTS Pioneer Woman
BTS Pioneer Woman BTS Pioneer Woman BTS Pioneer Woman BTS Pioneer Woman


Oh and…if you guys want to learn how to cook like the complete champion that is Ree, then you need to buy her new cookbook immediately!


And for fun, I’ve linked a bunch of retro cookware. Because, well, it’s awesome.




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