I’m Jasmine Roth, founder of Built Custom Homes, curator of my online retail store The Shop by Jasmine Roth, and host of HGTV’s hit shows Hidden Potential and HELP! I Wrecked My House. I was also on HGTV’s Season 1 of Rock the Block, but I won’t spoil the winner for you 😉 Building custom homes is my bread and butter and I love finding ways to make homes as personal, functional and beautiful as possible. Whether I’m exploring my TV projects, or sharing secret pro tips for everything from design to entertaining and cooking, I’m here to help you build Your Happy Home. Let’s build something together!



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BTS GMA (Behind-the-Scenes at Good Morning America)


So, every once in a while, a moment comes along in your life where you think, “Is this a dream?” And then you write a blog post about it, and title the blog post with a double acronym because it isn’t a dream, it’s real, and such a moment deserves to have not just one acronym in its behind-the-scenes blog post title, but two.

The moment in discussion here is my recent appearance on Good Morning America, or GMA as I like to call it, now that we’re so close and all. I was invited onto the show to share some projects from Season 2 of Hidden Potential on HGTV, with my friend and media crush, Lara Spencer.

The three DIY projects we talked about were:

1.) Wooden Dowel Hammock from Season 2, Episode 212

2.) Scooter Garage from Season 2, Episode 203

3.) Garden Share Mailbox From Season 2, Episode 203

(I’ll be posting DIY Tutorials for each of the above projects in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!)

NEXT, if you’ve ever wondered what you might look like up on a jumbo-tron, I can tell you: BIG!!

Also, I have to say, I really loved the shirt I was wearing that day. I bought it the night before I flew out because I was having a MOMENT, and had nothing at all in my closet that seemed appropriate for an appearance on an iconic morning show. This is the outfit I finally settled on:

After GMA, I visited with a few more East Coast talk shows, and had so much fun dishing with some new friends at the Build Project, Access Hollywood, Cheddar, and People about Hidden Potential and A Very Brady Renovation. What a day!!

Jasmine Roth Media Tour

Chatting with Cheddar.

Who ‘dat, Access Hollywood?

Jasmine Roth at People Magazine

Talking it up with my peeps at People.

Hidden Potential Press Tour

Cool Set Alert: Build Series NYC.

Jasmine Roth Media Tour


Two Jazzy’s? Watch it now!

Not sure who thought it was a good idea to give me a microphone, but now they’re going to have to try and get it back.


  1. Brian

    It is wonderful to see a genuinely nice person be so successful. Jasmine comes up with new and creative ideas that knock it out of the park for her clients.

  2. Nancy Albea

    I love your show and your inventive designs, but my favorite part of watching Hidden Potential is the way you light up with enthusiasm and excitement when you reveal the results to the homeowners. It’s obvious you love what you do, and make people’s lives so much brighter. I’m a fan for life!


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