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Behind the Scenes of Making My Book, House Story


It’s been about one month since my very first book, House Story, officially hit shelves.  I still can’t believe it’s out in the world and in so many of your homes!  Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel.  What everyone buying this book is seeing are the final photos and the final concept, but I wanted to show a look behind the scenes of making my book.  Come on, I work in construction – didn’t you expect me to show you what the “studs” of this book project looked like? 😉  Like below, here I am being photographed by the amazing Dabito (who shot all of the photographs in the book!).  In the photo below I’m doing one of my DIY projects in the book.

I’ve been a fan of Dabito‘s for years and years.  He’s a legend in my eyes, and he had to get into some pretty funny positions to capture some of the beautiful photos we have in the book.

The first photo below is from the very first shoot we did for the book: the 11th Street Retreat, where Brett, Hazel and I used to live!  That was right before the pandemic hit.  We were eventually able to start up production again while masked up.

Whatever it takes to get the shot!

We had so much fun shooting all of the photos for this book.  Even here below I was having fun, I swear…

It took a lot of creative and hardworking people to make this book happen.  Shoutout to my stylist Jen, her assistants Miranda and Alex, and my social media manager, Avery!

And a big shoutout to all the family members whose houses we shot for this book to show my scope of work.

Behind every dog photo is at least one person holding treats.  And behind every picture of me is at least two more outfit options waiting in the wings.

We worked our tails off for many long days – this book was such a labor of love.

Aww! My book team on the first day we all met in person to prep for these shoots.  Here I am with Dabito, my stylist Jen, and Kelli, who helped me write the book.  Thanks for taking a look behind the scenes with me!  If you still haven’t gotten your copy of House Story yet and would like to, CLICK HERE!


behind the scenes of making my book



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