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Are Wide Plank Floors Out of Style?


Okay, this is a serious question because if you’re like me, you’ve been loving wide plank floors for years and years.  But are wide plank floors out of style?  The simple answer: no wide plank floors aren’t out of style. The long answer: other widths are making a comeback and with that, the feeling that wide planks might be the next thing to go seems reasonable.

Photographed by Dabito for House Story by Jasmine Roth

Photographed by Dabito for House Story by Jasmine Roth

So let’s be honest, I don’t have a crystal ball.  I wish I did!  But I do build a lot of houses and I meet with a lot of people regarding their design preferences.  And what I’m hearing over and over again is some uncertainty around the width of the flooring planks they should choose.  I’ve written before about the different types of flooring, but I’ve never really gotten into the nitty gritty with width.

On the front of my book are the floors I had in my own house, Provenza Engineered Hardwood in Warm Sand.  And they’re wide plank!

Photographed by Dabito for House Story by Jasmine Roth

Photographed by Dabito for House Story by Jasmine Roth

In my new house, we went with a custom floor and the boards are a bit smaller.  4” to be exact.  Our flooring is from Michael’s Carpets in Huntington Beach, CA.  Give them a call if you’re looking for new floors!

Photographed by Dabito for House Story by Jasmine Roth

Photographed by Dabito for House Story by Jasmine Roth

And last but not least, I installed even narrower boards (also from Michael’s Carpets in Huntington Beach, CA) at my Contemporary Organic Mid Mod house.  It just felt like the right move based on the style of the house.  Don’t forget to check out pages 100 and 101 of House Story to see all the pros and cons for each type of flooring.

Want to join the conversation?  Tell me what type of flooring you have in the comments below!


  1. Georgette Wahl

    We picked out engineered hardwood flooring from Floor and Decor. I’ve been using Bona for hardwood floors. Is this what you used in your previous home? Any other recommendations?

  2. Diane

    I’m having a house built. After looking at dozens of hardwood floor samples, I find I like the 5″ wide ones. For me, wider than that feels like they belong in a barn, and narrower than that feels too old fashioned. That being said,trends have a short shelf life. Everyone should forget about what’s trending and get what makes them happy.

  3. KPenn

    I have an unfinished pergo floor from like 20 years ago 🤷‍♀️ Unfinished means it never made it into our kitchen and dining area – plus no baseboards. No worries though – some year lol

  4. Sid D

    Is it hard to find narrow LVP? Do you have any good recommendations?


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