I’m Jasmine Roth, founder of Built Custom Homes, curator of my online retail store The Shop by Jasmine Roth, and host of HGTV’s hit shows Hidden Potential and HELP! I Wrecked My House. I was also on HGTV’s Season 1 of Rock the Block, but I won’t spoil the winner for you 😉 Building custom homes is my bread and butter and I love finding ways to make homes as personal, functional and beautiful as possible. Whether I’m exploring my TV projects, or sharing secret pro tips for everything from design to entertaining and cooking, I’m here to help you build Your Happy Home. Let’s build something together!



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An Interview with Jasmine Roth


Hello!  Recently, our founder Jasmine Roth was interviewed for a new venture we have been working on (more details to come on that…fingers crossed) and we thought it would be fun to share.

Interviewer:  What is Built Custom Homes, LLC?

Mrs Roth:  Built Custom Homes (Formerly Warehouse Collective, LLC) manages the design of ground-up residential new-construction projects in Huntington Beach, CA.  We pride ourselves in a unique approach to beach living and functional options for custom home design.

Interviewer:  And doesn’t Built Custom Homes have a blog as well?

Mrs Roth:  We do!  Our blog hasn’t be optimized to make any money (whoops!) but we are proud of the opportunity to share the details of our projects.  The initial idea was to be “producers” of internet content and not just “consumers”.  At the end of the day, we use other people’s blogs and postings A TON!  We are such huge fans of this creative community of people and just hope to add a little.

Interviewer:  You didn’t always work in design – how did you get into this industry?

Mrs Roth:  That is absolutely correct.  I went to undergrad at Northeastern University where I majored in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management.  In 2008, when I graduated, the timing wasn’t right to start my own company.  Really though, it was a blessing in disguise.  I got to work in corporate consulting, sales, and eventually in corporate giving and volunteer management.  My time in these roles taught be so much in the way of organization, management,  selling, and mostly the importance of seeing the bigger picture and giving back to our local and global communities.  When the opportunity to go on my own presented itself, I didn’t jump in with both feet, but instead I slowly merged into it and let it grow organically.

Interviewer:  You deal a lot with real estate – what is your outlook on the residential market?

Mrs Roth:  Well, that’s a tough question.  Being that we work/live/build in Southern California, we are really only qualified to discuss what we call “our little bubble”.  That said, we religiously stalk the trends and stats to gain understanding and hopefully insulate ourselves from future volatility. With all those disclaimers – the market is currently a sellers market.  Our hesitation comes when we look at the price of land and wonder if we can build homes for a price that will turn a profit.  We have great mentors, coaches, and a team that gives us advice and we do our best to listen.

Interviewer:  What’s next for Built Custom Homes, LLC?

Mrs Roth:  Although I move FAST in my day-to-day life, I really take a conservative and risk-averse approach to our business growth.  We are so blessed to have opportunities present themselves to us everyday and we are just weighing the best way to move forward.  We love the times we get to share our skills with a broader audience (on the screen, online, or in print) and we love helping our friends and family.  Our next immediate move is finding an old warehouse to revamp and turn into a creative workspace.  Our hope is to grow our team!

Personally, I am super excited for a 2 week trip to India with Habitat for Humanity coming up at the beginning of August.  I am grateful for the opportunity to see a new part of the world and help eradicate substandard housing..  Shameless plug!  You can donate to our cause here: Click Here

Interviewer:  Thanks so much for the time and excited for what’s to come!

Mrs Roth:  Thanks to you!  I’ll keep you posted… (pun intended – follow us on instagram @BuiltCustomHomes)


  1. Peter kalla

    Are you a lawyer too. Watching tonite. Hope you can feature and carry your show

  2. Edely Roche

    Gostaria muito de um estágio junto com equipe de jasmine admiro
    Muito o trabalho dela fico no aguardo de que seja possível, seria um sonho pra mim uma realização pessoal pra mim com 54 anos e ainda querendo mudar a vida das pessoas, qual o valor para que isso aconteça.

  3. Joyce Johnson

    Hi Jasmine!
    My Christmas Wish is for my Dauther-in-Law Jamie Johnson. Her and my Son Jared purchased all of their dream home material, started remodel and at 45 he unexpectedly passed from Covid in August 2021. She’s left with 3 sons ages 10-13, a home in desperate need of repair and yesterday her Father suddenly passed….is there anyway you can help us get this project done? She lives in Yorba Linda, CA.


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