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All the Kitchen Cabinet Colors from My Show


I’ve been looking back at Season 2 of HELP! I Wrecked My House and the kitchen projects we had, and the cabinet paint colors we used were some of my favorites.  It took my team and I quite a bit of time to research and select the colors we wanted to use for each project.  In my eyes, the whole home’s color story needs to be cohesive, so we never choose these colors at random.  If you’re looking for kitchen cabinet colors for your own project, these have all been tried and tested – you can’t go wrong with any of these!

1. “Serious Gray” by Sherwin-Williams

For this Rustic Industrial Farmhouse style project, we did a crisp white kitchen, but made the island gray for that much needed contrast.  If you’re not ready to commit to color all over your kitchen cabinets, the island is a great place to try it out in a smaller dose while still making an impact.

2. “Pure White” by Sherwin-Williams

This is one of my most used paint colors of all time.  There really is such a thing as finding the right tone of white paint – they can range greatly, from cool to warm and dim to bright.  If you like the California Casual kitchen from Episode 1, then I recommend this white paint color for your cabinets.

3. “Alabaster” by Sherwin-Williams

And if that white paint color before doesn’t work for you, try this one.  I’m telling you, not all white paints are created equal.  This paint color we used in this California Casual Craftsman project is a tad warmer and creamier than the previous color I showed you.

4. “Laurel Woods” by Sherwin-Williams

This has always been one of my all-time favorite paint colors… I’ve used it a lot!  It was just what this Bohemian Bungalow project needed in the kitchen.  This color is bold but organic and warm all at the same time.

5. “Mizzle” by Farrow & Ball

You know I’m usually a Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore gal, but for this Mid-Century project I went with Farrow & Ball.  This paint color got so much response from viewers after the episode aired, and I can see why!  This soft green stole my heart too.

6. “Hale Navy” by Benjamin Moore

If you want to go a bit bold, or complement your own California Casual design, this color has never failed me.  If you like the kitchen from Episode 8, you’ll want to give this color a try.  Remember to always test paint colors on a swatch before you commit – and watch how it looks with the changing light of the day for at least one whole day. Good luck 🙂



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