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All the Fireplace Designs from Season 2 of My HGTV Show


I’ve got fireplaces on the mind today.  We don’t get a lot of true “seasons” in Southern California, but since I’ve been on the road for my book tour, I’ve been thinking about fall and winter weather because the places I’ve been going to do have seasons.  But whether or not we have snow or leaves changing colors, we love a good fireplace in my neck of the woods.  And I’ve been thinking about all the fireplace designs from Season 2 of my HGTV show HELP! I Wrecked My House – my season just ended on Monday!  We ended up having a lot of fireplace projects this season, and each one of them is different from the last.  Since I know I’m not the only one thinking about fireplaces this time of year, I wanted to look back at all of the projects we had this season in case they can serve as some great inspiration for you!

Fireplace Designs from Season 2 of HELP! I Wrecked My House

This fireplace from Episode 5 is a great source of inspiration, because it just needed a few tweaks to get it to shine again.  We changed the mantle stain and added some patterned tile around the hearth.  That’s all it needed!

And I was obsessed with this firewood holder.  I need one of these for my own house.  Here’s a similar one.

Another simple yet impactful approach: we removed the existing dated tile and mantle, and in its place added black handcrafted tile and a wooden beam mantle.  It completely changed the look of this home in Episode 6 and complemented the home’s bohemian style.

This is a fireplace you all seemed to really love!  We installed tongue and groove paneling, a soapstone surround for contrast, and a birch beam mantle.  The TV is hidden behind that abstract artwork.

I told you they were all different… and this fireplace was different from every fireplace I’ve ever done.  This Rustic Industrial Farmhouse project was begging for something with a little edge.  And that something was 14 gauge steel panels!

Now THIS is a fireplace Cinderella story.  This fireplace was very dated and off-center on the wall, so the homeowners just wanted it gone (because newsflash: it’s expensive and difficult to move a fireplace, even a few feet).  But with new tile, a new mantle and a custom bench, the fireplace now feels more intentional and symmetrical on the wall.

It’s California Casual with a good dose of Modern thrown in there.

For this fireplace in Episode 7, we covered up a weird brick line that went all the way to the ceiling by padding out the wall and re-drywalling it.  I love how the smooth, sleek surface is now the perfect gallery wall for sentimental art.

Last but not least, this Episode 8 fireplace has a combination of grasscloth wallpaper and a marble surround.  Always use at least two textures in your fireplace designs, if you can!

Fireplace Designs from Season 2 of My HGTV


  1. Gale McGraw

    I need that house shaped firewood holder! My fireplace is on the diagonal and takes up the whole space, so I can’t do a tall built-in.

  2. Mary Lou Sprague

    Need help with my fireplace. Do I paint it all white but leave the tiger eye mahogany alone?


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