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All My Secret Sources for the Best Vintage Finds


Where to find the best vintage finds from Jasmine Roth; HGTV and Built Custom Homes

There’s a reason I tend to score the best vintage finds. It’s because one of my most tried-and-true design tips is actually pretty simple: Always add something vintage. Adding something old and timeworn to a space really grounds the room and adds a layer of interest that wasn’t there before. Plus: older stuff is just cool! Whether it’s an old sign, or a vintage light fixture, or even some awesome old lockers, incorporating vintage decor into your design is never a bad idea.

Over the years I’ve really accumulated a solid list of places where I source all my vintage goods. Whether it’s for my shows on HGTV, my Built Custom Homes clients, my Warehouse or my own house, I’m always on the hunt for cool old stuff.  And it’s become my thing!  So much so that people ask me all the time: “where did you get that vintage stuff?!” Well… I’m sharing those places with you today!  I’m sharing my top five favorite places to get vintage stuff, and further down in this post I’m also linking some Etsy shops I like.

Jazzy’s Top 5 Places for the Best Vintage Finds

1. Ripe Designs

@ripedesigns_: Two very dear friends of mine, Tim and Kim Frost, are the husband and wife team behind Ripe! They are the BEST pickers, and I buy stuff from them frequently.

2. Long Beach Antique Market

@longbeachantiquemarket: If you’re in Southern California, you’re in luck, because Long Beach is in reach. I’m at this market almost every month when it takes place. And I find something different every time! Not anywhere near SoCal? Research your own area to see what local markets you have and check them out!

3. Through the Porthole

@throughtheporthole: Speaking of Long Beach Antique Market, if you happen to go, you’ll probably see Patrick and Rozana there!  I love to pick from their selection of goods, and I’ve even used some of their finds on Hidden Potential before.

4. Rose Bowl Flea Market

@rosebowl_fleamarket: The Rose Bowl is basically the holy grail of flea markets.  It’s MASSIVE.

5. Junk Style Design

@junkstyledesign: I’ve gotten SO MUCH stuff for the #rothhomestead from Linda and Chris – another husband and wife team!

Jazzy’s Favorite Etsy Shops for Vintage or Vintage-Inspired Decor

Wicker chair in living room with plant and surfboard; Jasmine Roth on vintage finds

Shop Some of My Etsy Faves

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  1. Gum Cabug

    I’m so happy that VINTAGE is on a upswing again! Its always awesome when a celebrity endorses our market. Its so true that any antique or collectible makes a house a home! Thank You Ms. Roth, Gum’s Mall of Antiques & Collectibles

  2. Pam Lawhon

    I have a mix of old and new in my home…I am transitioning from “country” decor to a mixture of Boho and farmhouse design….
    Thanks for doing what you do…your design ideas give me inspiration!!

  3. Lieu

    I’m not a big fan of all the vintage stuff but some of it is cool!

  4. Fran Owens

    I love Vintage. I love Rustic. I love Farmhouse. However, there are pieces of mid-century (when I grew up), modern, and Industrial that I also like. I think a variety of things make a home more yours.

    You are my favorite designer on TV. I have watched every show at least three times and will again until your new shows come out.

    Thank you for all you do to make me smile. Also, your baby, Hazel, is absolutely adorable. By the way, I love dogs and babies, too.


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