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7 Quick Fixes That Will Instantly Update Your Home


If you’ve ever wanted to update your home, I know it can feel a little intimidating. Hello, most of my clients on Help! I Wrecked My House Season 1 started to fix their homes, freaked out, and became frozen in indecisiveness. I get that (believe me, I do!), but if you stay stuck in “what do I do?!” mode you might overthink things forever, and your home will never get that upgrade. Sometimes it helps to do some quick fix upgrades that don’t break the bank, but make your space feel fresh instantly. They might even help get your creative juices flowin’ for making those bigger “what do I do?” decisions!

7 Quick Fixes That Will Instantly Update Your Home

1. Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Jasmine Roth on how to update your home; bedroom with beachy wallpaper and green curtains

Guys, I am not a wallpaper pro. I’m not even a wallpaper amateur. I am on no level of the wallpaper spectrum – wallpaper seriously eludes me! BUT, if you want to update your home, it makes such a HUGE impact on a space. The solution? Peel-and-stick wallpaper! There are some amazing brands out there that are basically big stickers of wallpaper, so you don’t have to be as intimidated. And if you don’t like it after a while (or mess up your first try at installing it), just pull it down!

Grasscloth Wallpaper // Abstract X Wallpaper // Navy Waves Wallpaper // Palm Frond Wallpaper // Pick Up Sticks Wallpaper in White or Blue // Scandinavian Berry Wallpaper

2. Lay Down New Rugs

Vintage wooden chairs in hallway with large rug underneath

This is a pretty obvious one, in my opinion, but maybe you needed a reminder! In our own homes it’s easy to forget how long it’s been since we freshened up our rugs, or maybe we don’t notice how worn-out they’re getting. Or maybe you don’t even have a rug, but it’s the one thing that will make your room feel WOW. Either way, this is your rug reminder! You’re welcome (oh, and if you need help choosing a living room rug, I’ve gotcha covered).

Round Jute Rug // Black & Cream Jute Runner // Geometric Area Rug // Chunky Knit Rug // Cream & Geometric Area Rug // Namibia Jute Rug

3. Peel-and-Stick Stair Risers

Jasmine Roth's stairs; stairwell with stencils, dog cave, desk and gallery wall

I get so many compliments on these stairs at the #11thStreetRetreat, and I always tell people how they can just copy me and get the same look pretty easily! I took adhesive stickers and attached them to every other riser on my stairs. Yes, these are stickers! This is an easy weekend project that will make you so happy when you’re done.

6 Scandi Riser Stickers // 6 Palma Fonte Stickers // Talavera Stair Decals // 15 Strips of Shiplap // 6 Astra Navy Stickers

4. Change Out Lampshades & Bases

HGTV how to update your home; living room corner with lampshade and wooden ladder decor

Now THIS might be the easiest quick fix. Changing out lamp bases or shades takes just a few minutes (if that!), and it can change the vibe of your room. Sometimes you can just change out one or the other for an instant refresh. I even like to swap them around the house (as long as the hardware matches up!).

Tall Woven Lampshade // Rattan Table Lamp // Pewter Table Lamp Base // Fern Lamp Shade // Wood Table Lamp Base // Terracotta & Ceramic Lamp Base // Burlap Drum Shades

5. Peel-and-Stick Tile

Update your home with Jasmine Roth; Kitchen with subway tile backsplash

Okay, this obviously isn’t peel-and-stick tile in the photo above, it’s the real thing. But if you can’t afford the real thing right now, you’d be surprised at how good the right peel-and-stick tile can look. I’m serious. I’ve had some friends use it in their projects, and it was just what they needed to button up their kitchen or bathroom on a budget.

Hexagon Marble Floor Tile // Gray Subway Tile // Mini Hexagon Gel Tile // Glass Peel Subway Tile // Mint Scalloped Tile

6. Add Some New Throw Pillows

Living room with white couch and large decorative pillows

Mark this under another obvious one, but this is your reminder to change out your throw pillows! Even if you move them around the house to different rooms, you’ll be surprised at how this simple change can make a big difference.

Faux Suede Geometric Pillow // Chenille Pillow 2-Pack // Textured Lumbar Throw // Neutral Frayed Edge Lumbar Throw // Shag & Tassel Throw Pillow

7. Change Out Your Hardware

update your home with jasmine roth; hgtv yellow desk with hardware detail

Maybe one of my favorite quick fixes! Changing hardware intimidates people, but it’s really not difficult to do. And the return is huge! Whether you’re changing the knobs on your desk or dresser drawers, the handles on your bathroom vanity, or swapping out the old hardware on all of your kitchen cabinets for more modern ones, your eyes will be very happy for the update.  (And psst, this goes for door hardware too!)

Leather Drawer Pulls // Wall Shelf with Hooks // White & Brass Knob // Isoke Door Knocker // 6″ Drawer Pull


What are your favorite ways to update your home?! These would be my top ideas, but I love hearing from you guys, too!


  1. Kristine Froelich

    How do you update kitchen counters without breaking the bank? I have the cheap 4×4 tiles and they are ugly.

  2. Anita jansen

    Ha I’m so glad I read this!! That’s what I do each time I do house flips. It’s the little things! Hardware oh and ceiling lights! Love your show!!! Wishing you and your family a merry Christmas!!!
    Ps love when you do hidden things ha ha I need to try that in this house. (I’m not selling lol)

  3. Jo

    I love the lamp in the large photo in the lamps section. Where can I find that?

  4. Jill Zabel

    I was blown away by the UV cured marble countertops? Information!
    I’m building a new house and am wondering about getting engineered or real hardwood floors.
    Can you give me anymore helpful info??!!
    Thank you!
    Jill Zabel


    Hey jasmine I am a fan for east of the country and I would like to ask how can I get leather knobs or other handles than from the US

  6. Ann C

    My quick fix is to rearrange the furniture. Obviously you can’t do that in the kitchen or bath but all other rooms! Move art also! Change it up!

  7. Kate

    Can you give me a few ideas for kitchen table decor .. mine looks so empty without anything on it .. appreciate any advice . Hazel is GORGEOUS
    SHE IS SO LUCKY TO HAVE YOU FOR HER MOMMY ?. What day and time is your show on HGTV ? I’m new to your account .. very pleased by the way ?

  8. Susan Bunge

    Love your show! Please post who you use for rodent problems. You had a gentleman on show, but no company name.


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