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6 Great Ways to Use Baskets as Functional Decor


6 Great Ways to Use Baskets, The Blog by Jasmine Roth

Let’s just call this what it is… this is a basket appreciation post, okay?!  I dare you to find anyone who loves using baskets in their design more than me.  Just kidding, but seriously… I love nothing more than a basket that looks pretty while doing something functional for your home.  Not only do baskets add storage solutions to a room, but they also add a dose of texture, which I think pretty much every space can benefit from!  And yes, over the years my friends and family have asked me time and time again: what’s the best way to use baskets?  I bet they’re not the only ones looking for basket tips.  So today I’m sharing 6 great ways to use baskets as functional decor.  You can do ALL of these things in your home and be the storage master!

6 Great Ways to Use Baskets as Functional Decor

1. As Blanket Storage

This is probably the prettiest way to use baskets, in my opinion!  Keep your throw blankets in a basket in your living room… it frees up valuable closet or storage space elsewhere while looking great at the same time.

It’s like a double texture whammy!

2. As Toy Storage

This is a bit more of an obvious way, but still helpful nonetheless!  I like to keep a designated toy basket in main rooms of the house so if we have to clean up Hazel’s toy tornado in a pinch, it takes two seconds.

3. As a Planter

Probably the COOLEST way to use baskets!  Throw a plant in them!

No really, I guarantee you that if you put a plant in a basket in your home (or on your front porch!) it will make you happy.

4. To Corral Entryway/Dining Room/Living Room Items

Get creative!  If you have stuff you need to gather, grab a basket.  Putting things in a basket just makes anything look more organized and intentional: like these place settings in this dining room.  They’re ready to grab for setting the table, but they look cute.

Extra pillows!  Come on, I know you have extra throw pillows.

I love the way baskets are used here for book storage.  Plus that shallow basket is great as a catchall for entryways.  Think keys, mail, sunglasses, etc.

5. By the Fireplace

Firewood never looked cuter!

6. In the Kitchen

Need to make your kitchen feel less sterile with all those hard surfaces?  Add a basket!  Even a sweet little one like this will make a big difference.

If you’re suddenly feeling like you need some new baskets to up your storage game, I got you covered!  I just loaded up my Amazon shop with some of my favorite baskets.


  1. Cheryl

    To heck with the baskets I love that painting with the blues in it. Actually I have baskets everywhere in my house lol

  2. Steph J

    Thank you for this post! I’ve been hoarding baskets (they’re just beautiful!) for months now while we’re doing some light remodeling….now I think I can make use of ALL of them. 🙌

  3. Ruby

    Hehehe… I am a basket case…


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