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6 Etsy Shops I’m Loving Right Now


HGTV Jasmine Roths's favorite Etsy shops Today I’m finally compiling the best Etsy shops that I’m LOVING right now. Because if there’s one thing I get asked more than 10 times a day on my Instagram account, it’s “Where did you get that?”. I’m always on the hunt for great pieces that will take my projects to the next level or add more personality to a room, and Etsy is a place I’m scouring constantly to find the best makers and shops.

Since you guys love to know where I get all these cool things, I went ahead and rounded up my faves here for you today!  These are the 6 Etsy shops I’m loving right now… what are your favorites?!


1. Luna Reece Art + Ceramics

I love, love LOVE a good ceramic piece, and these Luna Reece ceramics are some of my faves! They pack so much personality while still maintaining a cohesive and pleasing color palette. Her work just makes me smile!

Rainbow Planter Pots // Round Planters // Leopard Planter Pot // Watercolor Blues Planter // Terra Cotta Wall Hanging

2. Nickel Designs Shop

If you watch Hidden Potential, you know that a front door mat made by Nickel Designs is a STAPLE on pretty much all my projects!  There are soooo many designs to choose from, and they’re all so cute that it’s really a struggle to pick just one!  I like to swap them out each season so I can rotate in all my favorite sayings.

Dog Doormat // Come Back Doormat // Good Vibes Doormat // Popsicle Doormat // At the Beach Doormat

3. Sunwoven Textiles

Woven wall hangings are all the rage these days, and they’re the perfect piece when you need to add a bit of texture or organic vibe to your space.  I’m pretty particular about wall hangings, and these made by Sunwoven Textiles are stunning.  The color pairings are just. so. spot. ON!

Large Weaving // Rainbow Weaving // Colorful Tassel Weaving // Olive Geometric Weaving // Mini Weaving

4. Sharp Tooth Studio

Who doesn’t love a cute pennant with a fun saying on it?!  Sharp Tooth Studio makes adorable wall banners and pennant flags with all kinds of sayings and designs on them, but I must say I’m partial to the “Hazel” one!

Name Pendant // Mini Banner // KS City Banner // Mini Rainbow Banner // Square Rainbow Flag

5. wires N jars

Sometimes (okay, maybe a lot of times) when you need the right light fixture for your space, you need to look in other places than just the big box home improvement stores.  I love those big box stores, but sometimes the design just calls for something special.  And I find so many awesome fixtures at wires N jars!

Sputnik Chandelier // Black Pendant Light // Brass Wall Sconce // Semi Flush Ceiling Light // Industrial Pendant Light

6. Lana Crocheting

I’m OBSESSED with everything on this Etsy page… like… everything.  It was so hard to choose pieces for Hazel because I wanted them all!  Lana Crocheting makes the sweetest little baby gyms, baby gym toys, rattles and musical toys.  I want a million of them.

Baby Gym Frame // Veggie Baby Toys // Cactus Rattle // Tribal Fox Baby Toys // Rainbow Unicorn Baby Toys


  1. Mollee

    That baby gym is so stinkin cute!! Never seen one made like that!! I love all your pics that’s my favorite!

  2. Sydney Haskell

    The lovely wall hangings you use on your shows are wonderful. To me they are an update of the weaving seen in the 1960-70 era of my life. I love them and appreciate knowing where to get them!


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