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5 Easy Ways to Transition a Tween Room

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Throughout my career, I always loved getting the chance to transition a tween room to be a little more “big kid”. And now that I’m a parent, I’ve been thinking a LOT about how I was as a kid, at all stages. And sitting up in the middle of the night with a newborn, night after night, sure provides you with a lot of time to think! I was thinking back to when I really started to care about my own space and how it functioned for me – hello, I’m a designer! – and I remember it being that “tween” stage. You know, that stage of life when you’re like 10 to 13 years old, and you’re not really a little kid but not quite a teenager. I think that’s really when you start to become your own person, and really figure out your true interests and personality.

Part of that for me, was getting some independence in how I decorated my room. Suddenly all of the stuff that felt like “little kid stuff” needed to go. And new, cool decor made its way in. I know there are a lot of parents out there whose kids just finished their distance-learning school years, and they’re probably thinking, “Holy cow!  How did my kid grow up so fast?!”. So I had a lot of fun putting together this post on helping your tween transition their room to feel a little more grown up. Even if you have a little kid who wants to have a big kid room, I think a lot of these ideas will translate.  It’s a great summer project!

5 Easy Ways to Transition a Tween Room

1. Design a Seriously Cute Study Space

Smart Desk // Furry Desk Chair // Rose Swivel Chair // Wall Study System

One big step for transitioning a tween room to feel more grown-up is getting them their own desk or setting up a cool study area of some sort. Homework gets more intense as kids get older (don’t miss that!), and giving them their own space to work on projects that isn’t at the kitchen table will help with focus and independence. Plus, it just feels “big kid” official!

2. Create a Music Lounge

Bluetooth Record Player // Sherpa Eco Lounger // Jonas Brothers Album // Oversized Woven Pillow

Music tastes really start coming out in the Tween stage, so why not create a cool place for them to listen to their tunes?! Also, music aside, having a chair like this where they can kick back and read or just hang out is really clutch.

3. Refresh The Walls

Surfboard Wall Decor // Ombré Wallpaper // Palm Tree Wall Hanging // “Relax” Neon Sign

Move aside, little kid art! There’s a way to use art that’s cool and youthful without feeling like you totally lost your baby! I, of course, am partial to the beach theme, but changing art in general is a really easy way to change the mood of a room.

4. Sleep in Style

Tufted Pillow // Marble Print Sheet Set // “No Bad Days” Pillow // Friendship Lamps (Set of 2)

I remember that picking out my own bedding was a big game-changer for me and my tween room. Plus, how cool are these lamps? You give one to your BFF and whenever you tap your lamp, theirs lights up. Man, I would have LOVED to have one of these as a tween!

5. Upgrade the Tech

LED Showerhead // Mini Fridge // Portable Projector // Adjustable Laptop Stand

Tweens love cool new techy things! Really upgrade their space by getting them a mini fridge for their snacks or a super sweet LED showerhead!


Do you have a tween who needs a room update?  What are you looking to do?

P.S. do you have a little kid that’s in need of some refresh in their room? I got you for that too!

HGTV Jasmine Roth transition a tween room

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