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5 Ways to Style Open Shelves

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Open shelves – they’re all the rage these days!  And for good reason, because if there’s one thing I love, it’s functional storage that’s also pretty to look at.  But styling shelves is kind of an art form.  You can’t just throw a bunch of stuff on those shelves and expect them to look good (unless you have some shelf-styling superpowers!).

There are a couple of rules I like to follow when styling open shelves…

1. Group things in threes

If you have four items you’re styling with, try grouping three of them together in one cluster and the other item slightly away from it or behind it if it’s larger in size.  This arrangement would work for three small ceramic pieces and an artwork, or three candleholders and a cool clock – you get the picture.  Like items also look good grouped together.  Odd numbers look good together, too.

2. Layer, layer, layer

Use books to serve as a platform on which you can stack items, tuck things with varying heights behind and in front of each other, and play around with depth.  You’d be surprised how much a difference it might make to move something one inch back or one inch forward.  Experiment with it!

3. Mix textures

Your shelves could look pretty flat and not very exciting if they’re showcasing decor that all has the same finish or look.  Make sure you work in something vintage or an organic texture like wood to add variety to the vignette (that’s a fancy word for an area of stuff that’s styled together!).  Adding something with a metal finish like brass or copper is always a good call.

4. Put a plant on it!

My favorite rule.  Plants bring so much life to shelves – even faux plants!

5. Make it personal

Frame some family photos and put them on the shelf.  Maybe you print them in black and white for a cleaner look.  Bring out those little mementoes you grabbed on your last trip and let them shine!

So now that you have the lowdown on styling, let’s help you get the right stuff to put on those shelves!  I’ve also included some cute shelves if you don’t have any yet.

The Perfect Open Shevles for Every Room

For the Laundry Room

Industrial Open Shelving // Clean & Dirty Reverse Sign // Faux Pepper Plant // Amber Canister // Small Milk Crate

For the Living Room

Vintage Oak Floating Shelf // Ceramic Bowl // Decorative Glass Vase // Sugared Birch Candle // Beaded Garland

For the Kitchen

Dark Wood Open Shelf // Stoneware Cereal Bowl // Flour Sack Dish Towels // Stoneware Canister // Faux Locust Arrangement

For the Bathroom

Simple White Shelf // Reed Diffuser // Woven Canister // Bath Towel Set // Rainbow Framed Print

For the Entryway

Ledge Floating Shelf // Square Resin Photo Frame // Mantel Mirror // Incense Burner Set // Carved Wood Frame

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  1. Rowena Jensen

    Hello Jasmine from Philippines! I love watching your show and loved your style. I just bought a condo and I hope you will help me with the design.


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