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5 Ways to Style a Coffee Table

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Let’s talk how to style a COFFEE TABLE! I love using a coffee table as yet another place in the home to display personality and style. But in my experience, you can’t just put anything on a coffee table and expect it to look awesome. There’s some tips I’ve picked up over the years that are surefire ways to make your coffee table look great. And yes, I’m going to share them right here!

So first, some tips:

Identify the Style

The first thing you want to consider is the style of coffee table you have. I’m all for eclectic looks, but for the most part, it will look best if your decor is in the same style – or a similar style family – as the table itself. This keeps everything looking cohesive and pleasing to the eye – I’ve got examples on this below!

Grab a Tray

The next thing I think every coffee table needs is some sort of tray or catchall decor, like a shallow basket. This way, you can style decorative objects within the tray or basket, but everything still looks neat and clutter-free. It’s kinda like controlled pretty clutter, really. Plus, we all need a place to stash our remotes!

Add Some Books

Next up, add some books! Books just look amazing on coffee tables, I can’t really explain it. Try it, and you’ll see what I mean!  Also it’s nice to have something nearby that you want to leaf through from time to time. I’ve shared some of my favorite coffee table books below, too.

Bring in the Green

And you know I’m going to mention it, so here goes: add something green! That’s right. Pick a cool vase or vessel to arrange a fake or real plant. This gives you instant design points!

HGTV Jasmine Roth Hidden Potential Coffee Tables

Play with Height

Lastly, make sure you’re playing with height. Clustering together a bunch of items that are all the same height won’t do much for your space. It will just look flat, and also look like something’s missing. Think of decorating in tiers: the base tier is your tray and books, the middle tier is your decorative items like a candle or maybe a cool crystal, and your top tier is a vase with a plant. Or maybe your plant is in the middle tier in a short vase, and you use the top tier for tall candlesticks and an empty taller vase.You get the idea!

I’ve mood-boarded out 5 different coffee table designs below to help you get started!

5 Ways to Style a Coffee Table

1. Neutral and Natural

“Loring” Coffee Table // Glass & Wood Candle Holder // Marble Tray // Decorative Vase // Woven Basket // Decorative Wooden Vases

2. Southwestern Boho

“Sayer” Coffee Table // Rattan Tray // Woven Vase with Tassels // Glass Jar Candle // Gold Lantern // Succulent & Wooden Pot

3. Coastal Classic

” Porto” Round Wood Coffee Table // Seaglass Reed Diffuser // Blue Glass Vase // Striped Stoneware Vase // Coaster Set // Porcelain Tray

4. Scandinavian Farmhouse

“Glasgow” Round Metal Coffee Table // Lazy Susan Tray // Amber Jar Candle // Faux Eucalyptus Stem // Knotted Fringe Mat // Clear Glass Vase

5. Mid-Century Modern

“Tachuri” Geometric Front Coffee Table // Decorative Marble Tray // Brass Hurricane Vase // Ceramic Candle // Glass Bowl // Succulent & Gold Pot

Shop Coffee Table Books

HGTV Jasmine Roth on how to style your coffee table

1 Comment

  1. Katherine

    Thank you Jasmine! I have been struggling to identify my “style” and you nailed it with the Scandinavian Farmhouse look! I have never actually styled a coffee table, but now I “get it” more than I ever have before. THANK YOU!


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