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5 Ways to Style a Bedside Table

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HGTV Jasmine Roth styling a bedside table

Okay, so I know putting stuff on the table next to your bed isn’t rocket science… but I really don’t think you should overlook it as a design opportunity to style a bedside table! This is one of those places in your home where you need to balance design aesthetic (aka what looks pretty) with function (aka what makes sense in your daily routine). And you guessed it, I have a formula for styling a bedside table – just like my formula for styling coffee tables and open shelving.

Obviously, what you can put on your bedside table will depend on the size of table you’re working with, so if it doesn’t have a large surface area, you’ll have to keep it minimal.

So first, some tips on styling a bedside table:

Identify the Style

What style are you going for? What style is your room currently? If you’ve got a beachy bedroom style, a Mid-Century Modern side table and accessories might look out of place. Figure out what style you’re going with (I’ve got mood board ideas for you below), and then proceed!

Yellow walls with plants; HGTV Jasmine Roth styling a bedside table

Pick a Light Source

I think it’s safe to say that pretty much every one of us needs to turn a light on next to our bed at some point! I recommend that you don’t just buy a lamp or nightstand at random without considering how one relates to the other. If you already have a nightstand, sit down on your bed next to it and pretend you’re reading or reaching for a lamp. This will help you determine how tall or short your light source should be. Also, if you’re in the market for a new bedside table: measure the height of your bed first! You don’t want a nightstand that’s too tall or too short. Pro tip: If your space allows for it, try hanging a pendant or swag light instead!

Grab a Tray

We all have stuff we need to corral on our bedside table! Phone chargers, jewelry, special mementos, and yes – retainers! If you have the space for it, a tray, large or small, really pulls a bedside table together and makes it look more organized.

Coastal bedroom; HGTV Jasmine Roth styling a bedside table

Put a Plant on It!

My favorite rule for any space, anywhere in the house! Add a pop of green, whether it’s a faux plant or a real one. You won’t regret it!

Personalize It

Add a framed picture of your loved ones or something cool you’ve picked up on your travels. Adding something personal always makes your space feel that much more special and that much more like you.

5 Ways to Style a Bedside Table

1. Natural Hues & Cozy Vibes

“Gilford” Nightstand // Cream Ceramic Accent Lamp // Woven Tray // Artificial Goldenrod Arrangement // Natural Frame with Stand // Botanical Pillar Candle

2. Classic Farmhouse

Farmhouse Nightstand // Faux Thistle Arrangement // Table Lamp // Good Day & Night Sign // Glass Bottle // Lidded Glass Jar Candle

3. Funky Midcentury

Midcentury Modern Nightstand // Bedside Carafe & Glass Set // Gold Lamp // Decorative Tray // “Cozy Nights” Candle // Oil Diffuser

4. Clean & Modern

“Loring” Nightstand // Box Lamp Base // Lamp Shade // Flip Picture Frame // Reed Diffuser // Letterboard

5. Tropical with a Hint of Glam

Beadboard Nightstand // Leaf Table Lamp // Large Brass Candle // Porcelain Tray // Metal Leaf Frame

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HGTV Jasmine Roth how to style a bedside table

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