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5 Designs to Refresh Your Kid’s Room


HGTV Jasmine Roth Kid's Room Design

Whether quarantine has been taking its toll on your kid’s bedroom, or it’s simply time for a good old room refresh, it always feels nice to get your kiddo’s space in order.  Also, Kids are constantly growing and changing, and that means what they need to feel comfy and entertained is constantly changing, too!  They’re getting older, and there’s nothing we can do about it, *insert nervous laughter here*.  So, let’s embrace the wonder of growing up, and roll with it!  And yes, I’m already dreading Hazel growing up and she’s only one month old.

So, back to the room!  And you know what I’m gonna say… picking an overall theme is the best way to make a space feel cohesive.  Plus, a theme is just FUN!  Show your little one these mood boards I created and see which style they gravitate towards the most.  Because you never know, their favorite might surprise you!

5 Designs for Your Kid’s Room Refresh

1. For the Happy Camper

Camden House Bed // Branch Decal // Fox Decorative Pillow // Paper Mache Light Up Moon // Metal Pots + Pans

2. For the Safari Seeker

Midcentury Bed // Palm Wallpaper // Jumbo Plush Giraffe // Giraffe Art Print // Silly Safari Sheet Set

3. For the Ocean Lover

Charlie Bed // Library Wall Sconce // Whales Art Print // Octopus Plush Toy // Braided Oval Rug

4. For the Wild Child

Upholstered Corner Bed // Moroccan Diamonds Rug // Follow Your Path Art Print // Arts & Crafts Library // Star String Lights

5. For the Girly Girl

Juliette Bed // Blush Petal Canopy // Flower Lamp // Misty Marble Wallpaper // Jewelry Box

So, do you want to take the refresh spirit to other rooms in your home? Well, check out my tips for updating your living room and patio or backyard! You can get super creative with colors, themes and decorations. Above all, remember to have fun with whatever you decide to refresh!


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