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5 Things You Can Do to Get Ready for Spring Cleaning


5 Things You Can Do to Get Ready for Spring Cleaning, The Blog by Jasmine Roth

It’s not too early to start thinking about Spring Cleaning, in my opinion!  If you want to go off the actual start of Spring, that’s March 20, but there are a handful of things I like to get a jump on before actual Spring Cleaning starts.  Why?  Because that way it’s not so overwhelming.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m all about organization and functionality… and spreadsheets.  I may or may not have a spreadsheet on things I need to do for Spring Cleaning.  ANYWAY, I’ve got a list of five things I do to get ready for a big clean-out and I’m sharing them with you guys!  If you have your own tips I don’t know about, please share them in the comments!

5 Things You Can Do to Get Ready for Spring Cleaning

1. Clean the Baseboards

You guys, if you do this little by little, it’s not overwhelming at ALL.  Break it up by room or section of your house over the next few weeks.  For instance: This week, deep clean all the bathroom baseboards.  That’s it!  Then next week, do the kitchen, the next week the bedrooms, and so on.

2. Wash Your Couch Cushions Covers and/or Curtains

It’s a pandemic, so we’ve all been sitting on our couches a LOT.  If your couch cushion covers are washable, they probably could use some love right about now.  I also like to wash some of our curtains or any washable decorative pillow covers we have.  Of course you should read the label on your things for washing directions, but I’ve found a lot of stuff can be washed on cold, delicate cycle and then air dried.


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3. Pare Down / Organize / Donate

I’m no Marie Kondo, but I’m all about paring down and going through stuff.  Go through your your closet, your drawers, etc.  If you haven’t used something in a while, maybe it’s time to donate it.  This is something I like to do 3 to 4 times a year just to keep things organized.  When you’re organized, you also know where everything is!

4. Clean Out the Pantry and Bathroom Storage

If no one else has told you this: it’s time to clean out the pantry.  Take everything out – I mean EVERYTHING – so you can reorganize more efficiently.  If you find some food you won’t use that’s unopened and not expired, donate it!  I also like to go through kitchen cabinets and drawers and organize those bad boys too.  And don’t forget your bathroom storage!  Look under your sinks or bathroom cabinets and drawers and see what’s going on in there.  Everyday life can eventually wear down the organizational systems we have in place, so it’s always good to take everything out, wipe it all down, and start fresh.  (And if you want to get more involved, I have a lot of kitchen organization ideas here!)

5. Invest in Organizational Systems

If you have the budget for it, I highly recommend getting some organizational tools from the Container Store or even Amazon or Target to help corral all your stuff.  Whether you get drawer organizers for your toiletries or beauty products, or organizers for your fridge or pantry, these things will make a world of a difference.  Take the time now to start looking at your home to see what you might need.  Check out your closets and see how you can streamline them or make your day-to-day life easier.  Do you need to hang some hooks?  Do you need a new basket or two?  Giving things a regular place not only helps you keep track of them, but creating some order at home removes a layer of stress from your life.

Bonus Tips

  • Look into “Cleaner” Cleaning Supplies: If you’re into this sort of thing, look into more eco-friendly cleaning supplies!  Since I have a little one, I’m definitely paying closer attention to chemicals than I was in years before.  I’m taking the “before-Spring-Cleaning-starts” period this year to research and order some new cleaning products and use ones that contain less chemicals.
  • Go Through Your Keepsake Boxes: Sometimes it’s fun to go through old photos or that stack of art made by the kids and see if there’s anything you’d like to put on display this year.  I’m all about incorporating family mementos into decor – whether it’s a painting made by your kiddo, some old concert tickets or some family photos you never got around to framing.  Bring them out and put them on display!



  1. Margaret

    Good ? ‘s please if you can share where I can find good cabinets that have good storage space …??

  2. Rick

    Love reading your blogs. So much useful information. Your colors and textures you use are always on point. Your little co worker from home is adorable. Must be a huge help…lol. ;)???

  3. Gladys


    Love your blog and your advice. Right after the holidays, I cleaned my oven (not self cleaning). Then cleaned refrigerator inside out and the top where dust accumulated. Then started slowly to declutter drawers, next my yearly file cabinet filing and purging ready for tax filing. Also, wash all my area rugs. Next those baseboards one room at a time and also the window sill.


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