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California Craftsman II


Sometimes our projects are tiny (What a Baby), sometimes our projects are small (The Perfect Little Patio), and sometimes our projects are just the opposite!  Big, whopping, time-consuming, all-hands-on-deck, 14 month, late nights and early mornings, types of projects.  Well, this is the story (and final photos – yay!) of one of those projects.

We love renovations, cottages, camps, vintage this and that…you all already know that.  But what you might not know is that we also ADORE new construction and spend much of our time managing and designing homes that are BRAND SPANKING NEW.  In 2013 we completed two homes.  One was a California Craftsman style and the other was an Industrial Cape Cod style.  In February of 2014 we cleared some land less than five blocks from the beautiful beaches in Huntington Beach, CA and got to work.The plan was to build two homes, each one a little less than 3,000 sq ft and three stories tall.  Although many of the challenges that renovations pose are not present with new construction projects, there are other hurdles that arise.  The City of Huntington Beach keeps strict building codes that must be exactly followed.  Dealing with so many trades leaves plenty of room for errors and mistakes.  And unfortunately, new construction is a prime target for vandalism and robbery.

Luckily for us, we have relationships with some great people that allow for us to take the creative process and really run with it, not having to worry so much about the day to day building woes.  That said, we are hands-on, love to be in the field, and thoroughly enjoy the building process.  Let the new construction begin!

By the beginning of May, 2014 we had completed most of our design specifications.  From the exterior siding details to the appliances.  Cabinets, countertops, tile, plumbing fixtures, windows, roofing, lighting, fans, paint colors, door and finishing hardware, flooring, fireplaces, mantles, closet systems…the list goes on and on!  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

By the end of May, we could walk upstairs.Then the roof went on and the windows went in.

Finally, time to get drywall up, finishes in, siding on the outside, and paint it all!And fast forward a couple of months — the houses are done!  Luckily for us, both homes sold before the paint was even dry.

Usually we like to take our time.  Stage the homes, take some photos, do some tours…not this time!  So the day before the new owner moved in, we styled some of the spaces and took photos.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the way this “California Craftsman II” turned out.

And that’s it!  Please visit our Houzz Profile for additional photos.  Follow us on Instagram to see our latest project progress.  And stay tuned for photos of 520 13th Street – another couple weeks of decorating for those…


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