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10 Leather Couches That Are Vintage Lookalikes


The 10 Best Leather Couches; HGTV Jasmine Roth; Hidden Potential Warehouse set

I don’t know if you’ve noticed… but HGTV has been re-airing all my Hidden Potential episodes! Since COVID, our production has been shut down, so I actually had some extra time and rewatched a bunch of episodes. HGTV filmed my thoughts while I watched.  It’s basically like I’m watching it with you, which is way cool! When we filmed these segments, I was at my Warehouse sitting on our comfy vintage leather couch.

And once these episodes started airing on HGTV, I’ve been getting FLOODED on social media with people asking me the same question: “where’d you get that leather couch?!” I mean, I don’t know if I’ve ever gotten so many questions about the same thing in such a short period of time! So I have some good news and some bad news… I’ll give you the bad news first: I thrifted this couch forever ago and I don’t even know how to find the exact same one. BUT, for the good news: I just scoured the interwebs to find you all 10 leather couches that are just as awesome!

10 Leather Couches That Look Like My Warehouse Couch

I’m not gonna lie… researching all these leather couches made me want to get another one!  Is there anything better than a really great leather couch? Just click on a square below to see more about each one, or keep scrolling – I linked them separately too! 🙂

1. Vintage Style

Vintage Style “Dina” Leather Sofa

2. Caramel Bench Style

Bench Cushion “Berube” 81″ Leather Sofa

3. Mid-Mod & Sleek

Made to Order “Axel” 89″ Sofa

4. Modular + Recycled

Modular Recycled Leather Sofa

5. Tufted & Modern

“Perla” Tufted Square Arm 86″ Leather Sofa

6. Modern Chaise

“Haven” 2-Piece Chaise Sectional

7. Classic Meets Sleek

Rustic & Modern “Wells” Leather Sofa

8. Traditional in Camel

“Turner” Down Blend Leather Sofa in Camel

9. Minimal Meets Luxury

94″ Camel Colored “Jarvis” Leather Sofa

10. Retro-Inspired

“Chamberlin” Recycled Leather Sofa


And if you’re looking for more design inspo from my Warehouse, I have a Pinterest board for it!



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